WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss Appears on Hit Viral Series Latest Episode

For almost ten years, Alexa Bliss has been a part of the WWE, beginning as a lowly participant in “NXT” before reaching previously unheard-of heights on the main roster. She has won numerous women’s titles, including the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, but her impact in the wrestling industry extends well beyond the arena, and her upcoming endeavour outside of the sport is overtly stereotyped.

The well-known YouTube group Dude Perfect has been producing “Stereotypes” parody videos for more than two years. These comedic sketches parody several occasions, such as Halloween, Super Bowl parties, and game nights, while also mocking the prejudices that are typically associated with them. Similar to Bliss, Dude Perfect has achieved success outside their original platform thanks to the release of mobile games and even their own television programme. The most recent celebrity to make an appearance on Dude Perfect’s YouTube channel was Bliss, who was featured in a video titled “Wedding Stereotypes.”

Unsurprisingly, Bliss portrays a bride in a number of the wedding-related skits. These skits work together to create a cohesive story that touches on a variety of clichés, such as “The Intense Wedding Planner,” “Bridezilla,” and “The Runaway Bride.” The next two sketches see Bliss escaping on a monster truck after destroying another wedding to smithereens and surviving a huge scuffle that sent one unfortunate spectator flying into a huge cake.

This isn’t Bliss’ first step into the world of media; in the seventh season of “Total Divas” in 2017, she joined the main cast, and in 2020, she made an appearance in a music video for Bowling For Soup’s song “Alexa Bliss.”

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