Why Should Prawns Be A Part Of Your Diet: Health Benefits & Other Details

The craving for the seafood dishes has reached the non-coastal areas, too, and prawns have a significant fanbase. People tend to go for seafood options, mostly out of their endless love and addiction towards them. Apart from satisfying the taste buds of so many seafood lovers out there, prawns benefit your health in a great way. Let’s unveil some staggering health benefits of prawns.


Prawns are not only a culinary delight but have great content of proteins within it. Intake of proteins in the form of prawns helps in repairing the tissues that are damaged as well as gain muscle mass. Also, the consumption leads to higher levels of protein production as well as energy. However, the consumption should be within limits only.


Prawns are known to have low caloric content too. So, consumption of about 100 grams of the prawn quantity will fetch some 115 calories. Also, the high content of Vitamin E results in the reduction of the face wrinkles and, of course, a clearer skin, which is a dream of many. Also, you’ll be blessed with a lower risk of skin diseases along with a natural skin glow.


Another health advantage of prawns is that it is very rich in vitamins, minerals as well as selenium. Selenium is known as a popular antioxidant and is very useful in the maintenance of the healthy cells within the body. There is a high level of zinc as well, which is great for the development of a healthy and strong immune system.


Prawns will also help you in developing stronger bones, all thanks to the high presence of elements like phosphorus, copper as well as magnesium. Vitamin B12 is also helpful in the great functioning of important body organs like the heart as well as the brain.

Hence, we can conclude by saying that healthy can be delicious and mouth-watering too.


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