Why Are Soft Drinks Harmful For You?

We all love to have soft drinks as a beverage. A soft drink is a drink that usually contains a lot of good and bad minerals, such as carbonated water, sweetener, flavouring and much more. Soft drinks are called “soft” but in contrast, it is a “hard” alcoholic drink. If you are also fond of soft drinks, you need to look for what harm it is doing to your body.

How soft drinks are bad for Health

Weight Gain

The soft drink contains a lot of sugar, and it supplies a large amount of simple sugar fructose to our bodies. Fructose never lowers the hunger hormone in our body, and neither provides glucose to our body. Also, liquid sugar adds to the top of our total calorie intake. As we do not feel full, and resulting in eating more. A study suggests that the people who drink soft drinks in their current diet increase their calorie intake up to 17%.

Fatty Liver

Fatty liver is an increased build-up of fat in the liver. The main risk factors that occur due to fatty liver is obesity and type 2 diabetes. An excessive amount of intake of soft drinks can cause fatty liver. When too much fructose is consumed in soft drinks, it can overload our liver and turn it into fat. 

Belly Fat Accumulation

High sugar intake results in weight gain. Particularly, sugar intake increases the dangerous fat around the belly and organs around it. It is also known as visceral fat or belly. Excessive belly fat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and other problems associated with it. A study shows that people who consume glucose have an excessive increase in subcutaneous fat.

Insulin Resistance

The hormone insulin in our body drives glucose from the bloodstream into our cells. But intake of sugary soda may weaken the cells and make them less resistant to the effects of insulin. In this case, the pancreas makes more insulin to remove the glucose from the bloodstream, to balance out the insulin level in our body. This condition is commonly known as insulin resistance. Soft drinks can play a major role in this condition. 


We must stop cold drinks in our diet as they can harm our body in a bad way. Instead of consuming soft drinks, you can have smoothies or milk beverages, and these beverages avoid such conditions in our bodies. It says intake of soft drinks can decrease our age. Therefore, to have a longer and healthier life, it is necessary to cut off the junk and start eating healthy. 


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