Wheatgrass Juice: Health Benefits & Fast Facts

Wheatgrass has made its name in the health industry. It is now has become the superfoods. People have now started switching from regular beverages to wheatgrass juice. The local restaurants and cafes are also experimenting with wheatgrass juice. You can find restaurants offering wheatgrass juice to their customers. 

What is WheatGrass?

WheatGrass is the new fame in the world of natural health. It is prepared from the freshly sprouted leaves of the wheat plant and can be quickly grown and prepared at home. One can also buy juice or powder from the market. It has many health benefits and also known to detoxify the liver and also helps in improving the immune system. 

Some Facts About WheatGrass

– Wheat Grass can help in improving health.
– It must be processed before consuming.
– It boosts metabolism and results in weight loss
– It is low in calories and has no fat.

Health Benefits of Wheat Grass Juice

Rich in Nutrients & Antioxidants: Wheatgrass is a rich source of Vitamins & Minerals. It is rich in Vitamin A, C & E. In terms of minerals, it has iron, magnesium, calcium and amino acids. Wheatgrass has a total of 17 amino acids and out of which eight amino acids are those, which our body can not produce. We have to consume them from the food sources. There are several antioxidants, including glutathione. The antioxidants present can help protect against cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc. 

Can Reduce Cholesterol: Our body needs some cholesterol to make hormones, but too much cholesterol in our body can be harmful. It can block the flow of the blood and increase heart disease risk. Studies have shown that wheatgrass can help in lowering cholesterol levels. 

Can Help Kills Cancer Cells: Wheatgrass can help in killing the cancer cells. This is because of the antioxidant properties of it. Many studies have found that wheatgrass helps to kill cancer cells. The juice, when combined with the cancer treatment, can minimize the adverse effects. 

May Control Blood Sugar Levels: High blood sugar is the rapidly increasing disease in India. It can cause headaches, thirst, frequent urination and fatigue. The high blood sugar levels in the body can result in the damage of nerve, infections in skin and other problems such as vision. 

May Reduce Inflammation: What is inflammation? It is the response of the immune system to protect the human body against injury and infection. The severe and chronic inflammation can contribute to conditions such as heart diseases, cancer and other autoimmune disorders. Wheatgrass can help in reducing the inflammation and decrease the contribution to other chronic diseases. 

Can Promotes Weight Loss: Obesity is also one of the leading disease and concern. Many people have started consuming wheatgrass juice to lose weight. Adding the wheatgrass juice diet is an easy and convenient way to lose extra fat from the body. 

Wheatgrass has several other benefits. It is readily available in powder form and can be purchased from health food shops and also from the grocery stores who are selling organic products. Many food restaurants and hotels also provide the wheatgrass juice. One can also grow wheatgrass at home quickly without any extra cost. 

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