What to Eat and Avoid During Pregnancy, All You Need to Know

Well, let’s clap to the good news- You are a glowing “mommy-to-be”! While you are entering into a beautiful and cherished phase of your life, don’t forget to pay attention to the diet plan for a pregnant lady. During pregnancy, nutrition needs to be paid extreme importance. This doesn’t mean that you can’t snatch a bite from the food bag, but you need to follow some simple dietary guidelines. Diet needs to be a priority- after all you are in the “eat for two” phase of your life!

Pampering sessions, cherished moments, and healthy meal plans need to be your motto for the pregnant lady’s day. Women bearing a child often keep busy planning for their new born baby and neglect the food demands during pregnancy. You should welcome a healthy child by striving for a well nourished pregnancy. Follow a specific diet plan for a pregnant lady as advised by an Ayurvedic dietitian.

What does Ayurveda say?

An immense amount of energy and effort is required to deliver the child. Throughout pregnancy and during delivery of the baby, the whole body of the mother undergoes a dramatic change. Every cell is altering and needs attention. An ayurvedic diet plan that is made under the expert guidance of an Ayurvedic dietician, supplements this increased need of nutrients in a pregnant woman’s diet. The mother and baby both need to stay healthy and nurtured!

Ayurveda insists that a healthy diet is essential for the proper growth and nourishment of the fetus. The Vedic texts confirm that the food eaten by a pregnant woman helps in four ways:

1) Growth and nourishment of the baby in the womb
2) Proper nourishment of the mother during the pregnancy period
3) Good healthy food provides energy to the mother to carry the fetus and perform different activities
4) Helps in the formation of breast milk or stanya as called by Ayurvedic professionals

Why is it important to eat well during pregnancy?

The mother-to-be needs to consult the recommended diet plan for a pregnant lady before popping anything randomly into her mouth. Ayurveda and the Vedic scriptures have laid down certain Dietary recommendations and rules that need to be adhered to. This is the ideal way to keep the mother and child healthy and well. Make sure you have a well-nourished pregnancy throughout the trimesters to give birth to a healthy baby. This way you stay well and can enjoy your bubbly and vivacious child in all the years to come.

1) A healthy diet plan of a pregnant woman includes all the essential vitamins, minerals and other additional nutrients responsible for growth and development of the fetus. Key nutrients are crucial or else developmental abnormalities may manifest themselves in the “unborn” child.

2) Nutritious foods suggested by a good proficient Ayurvedic dietician will help prevent unnecessary weight gain that is common in many pregnant women. Remember it is very tough to shape up after pregnancy so eat carefully and sensibly by following a diet for a pregnant lady.

3) Bad eating habits, excessive sugars, salts and a taste for junk foods are harmful for the baby. You may not realise it immediately but they are the leading cause of birth complications, difficult labour and gestational diabetes.

If you are constantly looking for a snack to satisfy your palate during pregnancy then you need to have some healthy but tasty titbits at hand always. This will ensure “baby” and “mommy-to-be” are always smiling. Rest assured the tummy and the mummy stay satiated and nourished always with nutritious foods. Your daily intake needs to be based on a healthy Ayurvedic diet plan. Read on to understand better!

Snacking on a healthy meal plan prepared according to the diet for a pregnant lady is good. Your pantry will be the ideal stop for delicious and healthy foods that will make life a healthy journey for your baby. Don’t get confused or flustered, you can always take a consultation from a knowledgeable Ayurvedic dietician.

When you are chalking out your healthy meal plan what should you include?

You need to pamper your baby and give it the best start with the assistance of:
1) Healthy fats
2) Plenty of protein
3) Complex carbohydrates
4) Fibrous foods
5) Fluids
6) Essential vitamins and minerals.

Fundamentals for a healthy pregnancy include:

Iron: Can’t do without this element because iron rich RBC’s help carry plenty of oxygen to your unborn child

Calcium: Build the baby’s bones and teeth. Make your baby strong, take calcium enriched foods.

Include foods containing Foliate, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D

What should the diet plan of a pregnant lady include daily?

Healthy pregnancy foods can vary in quantity but should include some must-haves.

1) Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. This includes coloured foods such as dark green leafy vegetables, orange vegetable or fruit, and citrus or Vitamin C fruits.
2) Whole wheat cereals and breads.
3) Beans, peas can be very healthy for your baby.
4) The food should be easily digestible. Take vegetables such as radish, white gourd, ginger, carrot, yam, beetroot garlic, lady finger, tomato, onion, mint, brinjal, ridge gourd, beans, drumstick, green yellow red bell pepper, cauliflower, cabbage, potato, cucumber, and all other seasonal vegetables are safe to eat.
5) Include seasonal foods in the diet insists the ayurvedic dietician. Fruits such as mango, fig, pomegranate, black grapes, melon, apple, water melon, guava, chikku, banana and coconut powder need to be a part of the Ayurvedic diet plan you follow! Just check that they are available in your area in a particular season.
6) Dry fruits such as almonds, raisins, figs, dates, ghee, pista, cashew nut need to be taken in limited quantities but should be a part of a healthy meal plan.
7) Include rice, wheat, jowar, ragi, maka, because they are healthy.
8) A diet for pregnant lady advices a woman bearing a child to stay away from spurious and intoxicating substances. Avoid caffeine, tobacco and alcohol. Many of these substances pose a danger to the health of your child.
9) Avoid Pineapple, papaya and jackfruit
10) Avoid tondli, fenugreek leaves, and cluster beans.
11) Restrict quantities of pigeon pea, Bengal gram, and sprouted pulses because they are tough to digest. Include green gram, rajma, masur, cow gram, and all other split pulses to your diet.

The diet for a pregnant lady is loaded on nutrition and should be easily digestible. Eat as much as is comfortable. We don’t want you all stuffy and uncomfortable. But remember some healthy weight gain is a must for your child. Underweight women give birth to underweight children, so welcome those essential calories with healthy foods.

Satvikahar expert nutritionist will help you make sustainable gradual changes in your lifestyle and dietary habit and will keep you motivated and focused. Our Ayurvedic Doctor will diagnose your issues and guide you throughout your diet plan.

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