What is Ayurveda & Why it is Considered The Best in Healing Any Disease

Ayurveda, the combination of two words Ayus and Veda. It is a Sanskrit word that means Life and Science. Ayus means life and Veda means Science. We can also understand the word as the science of life or knowledge of life. It is one of the oldest healing systems in the world and is known for the treatment of the root cause of any disease. It is a traditional Indian medicine that is becoming more popular day by day. Why Ayurveda is becoming more popular & How it is beneficial? Many such questions come in our minds when we heard about Ayurvedic ailments. Here are the answers to all these questions related to Ayurveda.


What are Doshas? The biological energies in the human mind and body are called Doshas. All the mental and physical processes are governed by the three doshas – Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. These doshas are responsible for healthy living. Every human being is made up of a unique combination of these three doshas or forces. The proportion of all the three doshas vary as per the environment, surroundings, age, climate, and several other factors. If there is some imbalance or variance in doshas, they can affect the mood, energy level, and health.


The quality reflecting the elements of Air & Space is considered in the Vata Dosha. This energy or dosha is linked with the movement of the body. Also, the breathing and the circulation of blood comes under this dosha. It is the strongest and main element in all those people who are creative, original thinkers and lively. When the Vata Dosha runs out of balance, then this results in some problems such as dry skin, joint pain, etc.


The qualities reflecting the elements of the Fire and Water are considered in the Pitta Dosha. Pitta can also understand the energy of metabolism and digestion in the body. This energy functions through the carrier substances. It includes the hormones, bile, enzymes and organic acids. This Dosha reflects physical and mental characteristics. The location of Pitta in the human body is the pancreas, blood, eyes, liver, stomach, small intestines, etc. In other words or psychologically, this dosha governs the anger, jealousy, joy, courage and mental perception.


The qualities reflecting the elements of the Earth and Water are considered in the Kapha Dosha. It is the energy that gives the body structure, smooth functioning, and a physical form. Smooth functioning includes all the parts of the body. In our body, the main location of Kapha is the lungs, head, lymph, ligaments, tendons, chest, throat, tissues (fatty and connective). In other words, we can understand this dosha as the life forces that control the growth of muscles, body strength and stability, immune system and weight. Kapha Dosha can erupt easily for example – sleeping in the day, eating too much sweet food, etc.


BI-DOSHIC: Bi-Doshic means two qualities or doshas on an equal amount. Does not understand? Let’s make it simple. It indicates when someone has the qualities of doshas. Most of the people are Bi-Doshic. In this case, people have a dual composition of doshas such as Vata-pitta, Vata-Kapha, and pitta-Kapha.

TRI-DOSHIC: When there is an equal amount of each dosha. The persons having all the three doshas are known to be stable, very strong and adaptable. But in the case of imbalance, these people experience poor health. The only thing that can keep the balance normal is to find out what makes the imbalance and adopt those practices that counterbalance that influences.


A plan that is specifically designed in such a way that it will cure the root cause of any disease. Curing a disease from its root cause to ensure that the disease will not come again. For example, we take allopathic medicine for headaches then it will cure the pain instantly but the pain will come again after some days. Instead of allopathy, if we use Ayurveda then it will treat the disease completely. Ayurvedic treatment will treat the disease from the root. Like for example – what causes pain? Why it is happening again and again?

Ayurveda helps in the prevention and also encourages the maintenance of health such as the right diet, thinking and most importantly the use of herbs. The knowledge of Ayurveda will let anyone know how the balance in the body, the mind is maintained. If someone knows all these then he/she can easily change the lifestyle and maintains the balance in the body.

The Ayurvedic Treatment or we can call it Ayurvedic Chikitsa does not suppress the main symptoms and also does not have side effects of the main treatment. Let’s take an example – If you are having pain in joint. To remove that pain you are having regular pain killers. But the pain killer is removing the pain for some time and again appears. When you start taking the medicine continuously it creates side effects on the kidney, liver, etc. But in the case of Ayurveda, there is no such thing.

If we talk about the classification of management of disease in Ayurvedic Science then there are four main classifications. The first one is Shodan and it means Cleansing. The second one is Shaman and it means palliation. The third one is Rasayana also known as rejuvenation and the last one is Satvajya means mental hygiene.


Ayurvedic Chikitsa mainly includes powders, medicated oils, tablets, capsules, syrup (ras), churna, etc. All these ayurvedic medicines are made up of plants, minerals, and natural herbs. the main reason why there are no side effects of Ayurveda on health is this that the medicines are made from natural sources such as herbs and plants. Instead of side effects having ayurvedic medicines can turn into side benefits.


In Ayurvedic Medical Science, there are a total of eight major subspecialties. These 8 specialities include:
1. Kayachikitsa: It is known as Internal Medicine.
2. Shalya Tantra: It is known as General Surgery.
3. Bhutavidya: It is known as Psychiatry.
4. Shalakya: In general science, it is known as Otorhinolaryngology.
5. Kaumarabhrtya: It is known as Pediatrics and Obstetric/Gynecology.
6. Agada Tantra: It is known as Toxicology.
7. Rasayana Tantra: It means Nutrition, Detoxification, and Rejuvenation.
8. Vajikarana: It means Fertility and Virility.


First of all, keep this thing in mind that a proper diet is always the most important thing. Along with ayurvedic medicines, one must follow a healthy living style, proper diet, and exercise. If you are taking Ayurvedic Chikitsa for removing the root cause of a problem and side by side eating food that cause the disease, then it is not worth. Along with Ayurvedic medicine, one must follow the Yoga and Panchakarma.


While you are on ayurvedic treatment method, a strict healthy diet is a thing that you need to follow. The diet we take puts a great impact and influence on the body and mind. Our mind has three states also called Tri-Gunas. Trigunas is directly related to the three doshas. Trigunas are Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. So a specific diet is a need to keep a balance in doshas.


There is no need of a doctor for Ayurvedic Treatment: This is a common thinking of ours these days. If someone gets a cure from Ayurvedic Medicine, then he/she also tells others that take this medicine and you will be cured. This is wrong. Without the consultation of a proper Ayurvedic doctor, an ayurvedic dosage is not worth it. Ayurvedic medicines are based on Prakriti and it varies from person to person.

Ayurvedic means home remedy: A big myth again that Ayurvedic medicine only means Home remedy. If this is true then there is no need of doctors. Sometimes home remedies work but not all the time. A problem occurs and you took a home remedy and it cures the problem then it means that the remedy works. But if the same problem is happening again and again then you must have to knock the door of an Ayurvedic Doctor.

Treatment by Ayurvedic Medicine Took Time: It is also one of the common thinking that if we chose Ayurvedic Chikitisa, then it will take a long time to cure the disease. But this is not true. It is true in some cases but not in all. For example, if you are suffering from gastric and you take a home remedy. Believe us, the result will be out in a few hours.

In Ayurvedic Treatments there are Restrictions on Diet: It is also common thinking that there are restrictions on food and diet in ayurvedic medication. Ayurveda only believes that a proper diet is a must if you want a healthy life. Also, the doctors who prescribed the allopathy medicines also advise stopping eating junk food and other foods that are harmful to the body.

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