Viewers Urge Netflix to Add Trigger Warning to Start of Luckiest Girl Alive: ‘Watch with Caution’

Users of Netflix are providing cautionary statements to people who intend to watch Luckiest Girl Alive.

The new movie, which is based on Jessica Knoll’s 2015 novel of the same name, centres on Mila Kunis’ protagonist character, who must deal with a traumatic incident from her past involving a horrific high school massacre.

Those who have seen the 18-certificate movie since it came out on Friday, October 7, are warning their Twitter followers that it contains “harrowing” sequences that some viewers might find upsetting.

While Luckiest Girl Alive’s “sexual violence” and “threat” are briefly mentioned by Netflix when the movie begins, many viewers feel that this is insufficient and argue that it should be made clearer that the movie contains “severe scenes of sexual assault.”

Another subscriber added: “Heads up to anyone who wants to watch Luckiest Girl Alive on Netflix. The movie is triggering, heavy and the sexual violence scenes are graphic. I hate it when they do this coz there was no trigger warning.”

“I was bamboozled by Netflix’s description of Luckiest Girl Alive,” an additional user stated, writing; “No trigger warning, no heads up, no nothing.”


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