Users Can Now Request Deletion of Their Data on Aarogya Setu App: Centre

The world is facing pandemic, each country has its own way of dealing with it. India came up with tracking coronavirus patients using Aarogya Setu application. It is a data access and knowledge sharing app which records data for each person from person details as name, house address etc. to your health status. This app preserved data earlier for 60 days but as we are a major threat of globally ill citizen this app has increased its retention period to six months which may be focused to increase depending on the global situation.

Aarogya, as stated by government officials, was to trace the health conditions of every individual in the country. There were specified measures mentioned in the app through which you can confirm symptoms of the virus. On a larger scale it helped maintain social distance from patients and people stuck in different areas of India apply for e-pass to travel to their hometown, seek and receive help in sort of medicines, food and other amenities through Indian government but at the expense of violating digital activists rights as this makes personal informal at threat of being leaked.

Aarogya setu has been advantageous in tracing and isolating corona patients but more recently it was pointed out be vulnerable by a French hacker as this app could display details of millions of Indians with 10 km radii through your regular cellphones and government other security officials up-to 100 kms.

So, the State and central officials came up with the protocol stating, “There is a need to ensure efficient data and information sharing among the different Departments and Ministries of the Government of India as well as those in the State/Union Territory Governments”. This insists on deleting all the user data older than 180days but with the right in domain of NIC to maintain list of agencies who are keeping track of this data. Under Section 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005 states that a person is entitled to imprisonment up to two years for violating data security protocols.


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