Turmeric Is A Powerful Immunity Booster, Know Other Health Benefits of Haldi

Turmeric is a common name when it comes to the essential ingredients found in the kitchen household. The Hindi name for Turmeric is ‘Haldi’. Curcumin is another term that comes across while talking about the health benefits of Haldi. It is an active ingredient that forms a part of Haldi. The availability of this particular spice in Haldi is what gives it the authentic yellow color. It is a natural antioxidant as well. When it comes to moving back to the roots for a good lifestyle, it is important to know about the health benefits of Haldi.

Health Benefits of Haldi


Haldi piece has anti-inflammatory properties. These can treat problems like osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis. Haldi destroys the free radicals which damage the strong cells of the body. There is a cure for inflammation, as well as the mild joint pains, also. However, the medication should be proper.


Consuming raw Haldi can help people who are suffering from digestion problems. Some of the major components lead tp the bile production in the gallbladder. This is efficient for the proper working of the digestive system. There is a cure for other issues like bloating and gas which frequently occur in the human body.


The use of Haldi is related to the healing of brain problems also. It helps in repairing the stem cells present in the brain that play an important role in recovering from serious issues like Alzheimer’s and attacks. Interestingly, your grandmother was the one promoting the health benefits of Haldi since childhood. Be it the time you got bruises after falling or any infection, burn, or a cut. The Haldi paste or the infamous ‘Haldi wala doodh’ was there for you.

There are other benefits for immunity, detoxification, and recovery, too. However, you should be specific about use and storage. A fresh and an unpeeled piece of Haldi can either be put in a bag with no amount of air peeking in, in the fridge. By this, it can be used for 2-3 weeks straight.


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