Traffic advisory issued for Ghaggar bridge in Panchkula


In light of the ongoing construction and repair work on the Ghaggar bridge, commuters traveling from Nada Sahib gurdwara are advised to take a detour for the next four days. The Panchkula police have issued an advisory due to the diversion of traffic onto a single lane, which could potentially lead to congestion.

To circumvent the possibility of getting caught in traffic, the police recommend that commuters consider traveling via the Sector 3 stadium route towards the dumping ground. Alternatively, they can opt for the route passing through the dumping ground in Sector 23.

Additionally, recent heavy rains have caused the Marranwala bridge on the Pinjore-Nalagarh road to collapse. For light vehicles, an alternative route is available through the Marranwala-Barotiwala or Kalka-Kheriwala link road, providing access to Baddi. It’s important to note that this route is not accessible for heavy traffic.

Stay updated on these traffic advisories to ensure a smooth journey. Plan your routes ahead and explore the suggested alternatives to minimize any inconvenience.

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