Top 3 Messaging Apps You Must Have in Your Phone

Unless you were living under a rock until recently, you would know the craze over various messaging apps. The primary way to send text messages to others was SMS since the beginning; however, the situation has been changed drastically in the last couple of years. People now use various messaging apps when they need to send texts, images, videos, and documents instantly without paying any charge per-message basis. A plethora of such applications you can find in the play store, and they come with their own set of unique advantages and features. With more options than you are ever going to need, what messaging apps you should install in your phone? In today’s feature, we are going to explore the top 5 messaging apps you can’t live without.

Top 3 Messaging Apps You Must Have in Your Phone


Who doesn’t know Whatsapp! It is hands down the most popular application for messaging and chat worldwide. Whatsapp comes with tons of useful features that you rarely find in a single app. Not only it allows you to send text messages to your contacts, it further enables you to have conversations over voice and video. You can send pictures, voice, video clips, and documents, and it supports almost every major file format.

Another key feature Whatsapp offer is group chat, which lets the user create a group and add people to have group conversations. On the security front, Whatsapp employs end-to-end encryption, which translates into excellent data privacy and security. It is free to use, comes with no in-app purchase requirement.


So, what is Signal’s primary USP that separates it from so many messaging apps? It is one of the most secure ways to have private communications if you’re worried about spying, hacking, or anything like that which can breach your privacy. Created by Moxie Marlinspike, a computer security expert and the legendary pro-privacy face, Signal can replace the in-built SMS application with extreme privacy that you deserve.

It transmits texts, voice, and video communications encrypted by arguably the most secure messaging encryption method, Signal Protocol. The encrypted messages being sent between two Signal users can be read by the intended recipient only, making it impossible for an adversary to snoop and decrypt the conversations in the middle without physical access to the device. Signal is 100% free and based on an open-source platform that gets reviewed frequently by third-party security researchers.


Lots of chat and messaging applications can be found in the play store; however, not all are created the same way. While some claim to be secure, they are found to collect and store a lot of data of their users, which makes them not very good apps to trust with your private messages. Here comes Telegram, with a custom end-to-end encryption protocol, namely MTProto, and 400 plus million users worldwide; it’s one of the best messaging apps in terms of privacy, security, and features.

Take group chat, for instance, where one can make a group with up to a whopping 200000 members. It further offers another key feature, channel creation, by which one can broadcast any message to unlimited Telegram users. What’s more, you can use Telegram in PC, Mac, and Linux independently from your mobile app, which is a cool feature to have.


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