Tooth Pain: Things You Need To Care & Home Remedies for Toothache

There can be many reasons for tooth pain. Sometimes, pain arises due to worms in the teeth and sometimes due to any discomfort in the gums. In every case, toothache begins. Sometimes the roots of the teeth become quite loose. Due to this, there is unbearable pain in the teeth. In such a situation, it is very difficult to brush properly and the breath starts to smell. In such a situation, some home remedies can be tried to avoid dental pain. Here we are telling some of the home remedies using which you can get relief from unbearable toothache.

Whatever the cause of the toothache, it is very painful and unbearable. Due to toothache, many times headaches and even swelling on the face occurs. In such a situation, you can neither eat nor sleep. Toothache can occur at any age and its intensity also varies.


– After eating anything, Rinse your mouth immediately. Especially after eating something sweet, rinse your mouth.
– After eating hot do not eat cold food and after eating cold, don’t eat hot food. This weakens teeth.
– Avoid too hot and too cold food.
– Avoid cold drinks or any other drinks. In place of this, drink lemon water.
– Brush your teeth every day before sleeping.


– For severe toothache, apply clove oil in cotton (small piece) and keep it on the teeth. Cloves can also be pressed if there is no oil. It is believed that cloves numb the area, which gives relief in the pain of teeth. Cloves also have bacteria-destroying properties.

– Ginger is also very helpful in toothache. Crush a piece of ginger, press it into the tooth, and close the mouth. Gently suck ginger juice, you will get relief in some time.

– Heeng (Asafoetida) is available in every house. It can be used as a remedy for tooth pain. Mix Heeng with lemon juice and use it on the teeth.

– Raw onion is very beneficial for teeth. It has antibacterial properties. If you do not refrain from eating onion then include it in the salad.

– Salt and black pepper are very useful in toothache. Both Salt & Pepper have antibacterial properties. For toothache, make a paste by mixing water in salt and pepper. Use it at the affected place. Keep applying it till you get relief.

– Garlic is also very beneficial in toothache. It can remove severe tooth pain. Crush garlic and add white or black salt to it. Put it in a painful place and keep your mouth closed. In a few minutes, it will give relief from pain

– Boil the guava leaves in water and rinse with it also benefits the teeth. Boil guava leaves in water for a long time and let the water cool down. Do not cool down at all, rinse with lukewarm water. It also provides relief in the teeth of the teeth.

– Sesame oil and clove oil provide relief in toothache. Massage the teeth by mixing salt in sesame oil, it will relieve pain.

– A lukewarm water and salt gargling also relieve toothache. If there is swelling due to pain, then it will also help in that.

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