Thyroid-Related Issues Affect Fertility, Let’s Know How

Not many people know that thyroid has something to do with infertility. The link between the two is an important thing to note. Hypothyroid gives way to complications in the process of fertility. In this article, we will explain to you how thyroid problems affect fertility.

Here are some simplest of things to understand. Under thyroid issues, there are certain hormones that are not produced by thyroid glands. Read on to know more.

Hypothyroidism and Infertility 

The problem gives way to hormonal imbalances. Furthermore, there’s a pituitary gland that urges the thyroid gland to produce T3 and T4 hormones. Certainly, high or low production of these two hormones can result in thyroid complications. Adding to this, the thyroid imbalances can give way to fertility issues as well.

This issue leads to problems such as ovulatory issues, pregnancy-related issues, etc. Moreover, we all know that ovulatory issues are directly related to pregnancy disorder. Since hormonal imbalances can lead to irregularities in the body, it gives way to a low level of libido and menstruation-related issues as well.

Thyroid related fertility issues in men

Not that only women suffer from the same, but, men too go through such an issue. Thyroid problems can lead to erection disorders, lower sperm volume, and production, reduced level of libido etc.

So, to conclude, thyroid issues can stop a woman from being pregnant. Furthermore, it limits the ability of a woman to carry a foetus to some extent.

So, if at all you come across any such hormonal imbalances in the body and fertility-related issues, just ask your doctor regarding the same. He will recommend some medications for you.

Get your thyroid checked and work towards treating it in order to get rid of several complications.

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