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The Unexpected Way Gaming Videos Are Helping People Earn Money

You’ve probably heard of this guy named PewDiePie, right? He’s an internet personality with nearly 50 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and he makes over $12 million every year doing what he loves – playing video games and recording himself while doing it. But it wasn’t always like that – back in 2010, he had only 600,000 subscribers and was working at Burger King to make ends meet! In the past couple of years, though, he has exploded and become one of the most successful YouTubers on the planet. So how exactly did this happen?

Gamers are now making millions through both advertising and sponsorships, and this represents an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to join the community and earn money from their gaming videos. Here’s a look at how gaming videos have taken off, why they’re generating such impressive earnings, and how you can get involved with this exciting trend.

Tips To Grow & Earn With Youtube

Top Twitch streamers and YouTubers are using their online popularity to get paid. By starting a new channel on either platform, you can not only make money from video ads but also from direct subscriptions, donations and merchandise sales. Some of these channels earn well into six figures per year. Need more convincing? How about access to a large audience of potential customers for your business or product?

Advise Vlogs

Advice vloggers focus on solving problems in their audience’s lives. Advice vlogging is a lucrative form of online video because it places you at an arm’s length from products, services, and experiences your audience might want to spend money on. Some popular advice vloggers focus on fitness, relationships, or careers.

Let Viewers Know You Are Human

Most people view gaming videos as entertainment, but they’re also a great way to connect with your audience on a personal level. Here are some ways to add a human element to your gameplay videos

Make B roll part of your videos

For a lot of people, game play is only part of their video-watching experience. Game companies (and YouTube stars) know that an effective way to keep viewers hooked is through B roll: short clips set to music that act as bridges between important plot points and interesting story beats. These short clips are often overlooked in favor of concentrating on gameplay or commentary, but by adding B roll to your videos you can give your viewers extra reasons to come back and watch again later.

Teach Viewers Something New 

Learning something new is always a fun and enjoyable experience, especially when it involves gaming. Millions of people around the world love gaming and playing games, so if you are able to teach them something about a specific game that they didn’t know before, then you can be sure that they will be happy to come back for more of your content. When you create your own gaming videos, you have an opportunity to help people learn how to play different games properly.

Give something away to build trust with your viewers (Giveaway)

Give your viewers a free reward, or a special deal only available to them. You want to give people a reason to trust you, and when they feel like they are getting something of value from you, they will be more likely to watch your videos and interact with your channel. When you think about it, people love free stuff; giving away something for free is actually great for building trust in your viewers.

Stay Consistent

Even if you have a great product and are putting out videos that get good engagement, you still have to keep at it. One of my best performing videos did better because I uploaded it at 3:00 am on a weekday (when I couldn’t sleep). The lesson here is that consistency is key. If you aren’t able to upload a video every day, try for multiple times per week.


According to data collected by Kotaku, there are more than 2.2 million videos tagged as gaming on YouTube. At first glance, it appears that these gaming YouTubers are just making money by posting their favorite game clips and clips of themselves playing games (and maybe even giving out some helpful tips for other gamers). But have you ever wondered if there is more to gaming-related videos than simply watching a gamer play his or her favorite video game?

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