Tepache – What is It And How it is Beneficial for Our Health

Many drinks render us fantastic health benefits. But, we haven’t even heard much about them. So, let us introduce something like this and thus talk about the health benefits of the same. Tepache is an extremely delicious and refreshing drink that is easy to prepare using the pineapple peels and other ingredients in your kitchen. 

Mexico is home to many fermented beverages that belong to pre-Hispanic origin. There are different kinds of drinks, namely pulque, aguamiel, as well as tepache. All of these have different properties and have varied preparation styles. 

Background and Preparation

Tepache was originally a result of the corn fermentation and then it was sweetened making the use of brown sugar. As time passed, Tepache underwent the inclusion of many fruits. Currently, it is prepared making use of the fermentation process of pineapple. The peel is kept in wooden barrels and finally, it is sweetened making use of brown sugar. Sometimes, a bit of cinnamon is added as well.

For those of you, who don’t like eating pineapple, here’s an exciting thing for you. Tepache is also made making use of other fruits like apples, oranges as well as pears. But, you should note that Tepache consists of low degree of alcohol content. But, this solely depends upon the fermentation that might vary from 1-8 degrees. 

Health Benefits of Tepache 

The health benefits of Tepache are enlisted below. 

Rich in Vitamins 

Tepache is a fermented drink that has multiple benefits. It has a very high content of Vitamin C, thanks for the raw product of pineapple. Being a citrus fruit, Tepache also provides the body with other vitamins like Vitamin A and B. Also, it has mineral essential for the body like magnesium. A healthy body and lifestyle need to have food items and drinks rich in minerals and vitamins in the body. Instead of opting for modernisations blindly, go for healthy food choices that are a blend of modernisation and healthy, too. 

Fight intestinal issues 

Another health benefit of Tepache is that it helps protect the microbial flora of the colon. Also, it helps to fight intestinal issues by playing a significant role in digesting food properly. Also, Tepache consists of bromelain, which is an enzyme. This helps very well when it comes to digesting the food properly. If you have a constipated stomach or undergo loose motions frequently, you might face major issues afterwards. The Tepache taste might not be liked by you, but it is worth a try, for a healthy body, for sure. 

Tissue repair and Weight Loss

Also, Tepache has a good quantity of tibicos. Tibicos is known to help in help in tissue revitalization which has previously been harmed due to traumatism as well as infections like relief colitis as well as recurring ones like urinary infections. Also, Tepache is well known to render its help, if you are seeking to reduce weight.

Now, even though it does not taste very good if you want to reduce weight or render other health benefits that Tepache has to offer, you need to bear with the taste of the same. Fruits have a good taste but many studies prove that the amount of brown sugar being used in the preparation of Tepache makes a difference in the taste. This has a very great impact on the taste and its acceptance amongst the consumers of Tepache also differs to a great extent. Another thing affecting the acceptance of this Mexican drink is its pH that well effects its creation. 

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