Sudden Kiss Viral! Priyanka Chopra Cousin Mannara Got Sudden Kiss

mannara chopra Hot video

A video of Mannara Chopra, cousin of Priyanka Chopra, is currently going viral on social media due to her unique appearance. In the video, the actress is seen at an event for the promotion of her upcoming Telugu film. During the event, something unusual happened between Mannara and the director that left everyone surprised.

Mannara Promoting Her Film

Mannara is currently in the spotlight due to the promotion of her upcoming film ‘Tiragabadara Saami’. She is actively engaged in promoting the movie and recently attended an event with her team and director A. A. Ravikumar Chowdhary.

Mannara Handles the Situation with a Smile

As paparazzi captured moments, Mannara was also posing with the director. Suddenly, the director planted a kiss on Mannara’s cheek, which took the actress and everyone present by surprise.

Although Mannara maintained her composure with a smile and didn’t react openly, her astonishment and discomfort were visible on her face.

Director Faces Backlash from the Public

While Mannara attempted to handle the situation gracefully with her smile, social media users were quick to react once the video went viral. Many criticized the director for his action, and some viewed it as a publicity stunt. Additionally, a few users raised questions about the working environment within the industry.

Mannara Hot Video


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