Stomach Pain: Types & Home Remedies To Get Relief

Abdominal pain or Stomach pain is a feeling of pain in the upper or lower abdomen of a person whose intensity can range from mild pain to sudden sharp pain. Stomach pain or abdominal pain may occur for some time or for a long time and maybe fast or even less. Abdominal pain can be in the upper or right side, lower or right side or left side, upper, middle and lower.

The reason behind the stomach pain may be sometimes serious or sometimes normal. The reason can be from excessive gas to other serious conditions such as appendicitis. Sometimes in females, the reason behind the stomach ache may be due to the periods or pregnancy.


Stomach pain can be of different types. But basically, it is of three types – Normal Pain, Pain in particular place and Cramping. Now, what are all these? Common or Normal pain occurs in half or more of the stomach. This pain can occur with many different diseases and usually is cured without treatment. Indigestion and stomach problems are common stomach aches. Home remedies can help relieve some discomfort. Mild pain or severe pain that becomes more severe over time can be a symptom of intestinal obstruction.

Pain in a particular place occurs in one part of the stomach. Sudden and worsening pain can be a symptom of a more serious problem. Appendicitis pain starts as a normal pain but it often occurs in one part of the abdomen. The pain of gall bladder disease or peptic ulcer disease often starts in one part of the stomach and remains in the same place. Pain in a particular place in the stomach that gradually becomes more severe may be a symptom of inflammation of any abdominal organ.

Cramping is a type of pain that keeps on moving or changes in the condition or severity. Cramps are mostly normal until it is relieved by passing gas or feces. Many women have cramps during menstruation. Common cramps are usually not a cause for concern unless it worsens, stays for more than 24 hours or is in the same place. Cramps that begin with diarrhea or other common health problems can be quite painful but are usually not severe.


The problem of stomach ache is such that a person can neither sit comfortably nor do any work. People often take medicines for pain, which is not suitable for health. In this case, home remedies are a better option. Here are some of the home remedies for the pain in the stomach.

– Fry the fenugreek seeds a little and then grind it into a powder. Take it with warm water. Keep in mind that don’t cook the fenugreek seeds the water that should not be too hot. This can be very beneficial in stomach pain.

– Pomegranate is a great fruit and has many beneficial ingredients. If you have a stomach ache due to gas, eat pomegranate seeds with black salt, you will feel relieved.

– Ginger tea is also beneficial in stomach ache. Add ginger to the tea and boil it. Once it starts boiling, add milk to it. Drink this tea twice a day. This will surely help in the pain in the stomach.

– Mint leaves best in stomach ache. Also, these are useful in case of acidity. Chew mint leaves or boil 4 to 5 leaves with a cup of water. Allow the water to be lukewarm and then drink it.

– Aloe vera juice is also helpful in getting relief from stomach pain. It gives a lot of relief in stomach ache that occurs due to gas, constipation, diarrhea. Half a cup of aloe vera juice can relieve the burning sensation in your stomach.

– Mix black salt with lemon juice and add half a cup of water. Shortly after drinking this, there will be a decrease in a stomach ache.


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