Some of Dinner Habits That Can Shorten Your Life

Dinner is that time of the day in which, our body is the least active. Hence, it is advised to have a light dinner that stimulates digestion and does not cause indigestion which is caused by a heavy dinner. Also, going light on dinners will help you get a good sleep. In all, a light dinner is good for a healthy lifestyle. But, many people tend to commit heinous mistakes at dinner hours which can take a toll on their health and life. It is said that prevention is better than cure. Hence, try and avoid those instead of repenting later. 

Microwaving Your Food 

Generally, people prepare food in the evening. And when it comes time to eat dinner, it is kept in the microwave for heating. But, if you are making use of plastic containers or simple plastic sheets to wrap your food, you are on the to way deteriorate your health. Heating food in plastic wraps or boxes means giving way to the unhealthy chemicals entering your body and thus cause harm. BPA as well as phthalates tend to enter fatty food. These chemicals disrupt many healthy cells in the body. Hence, try and opt for a microwave-safe container or directly do the heating of the prepared food in gas stoves.

Not Including Vegetables 

All are well aware of the goodness of having good fruits as well as green leafy vegetables. Also, proteins are much appreciated for what they do for the body on being consumed. But, if your diet does not have many fruits and vegetables as a part of it, you are likely to have cardiovascular problems in the near future for sure.

Lack of proteins in your diet 

Proteins are very important for the body. They are the building blocks of the body. Also, proteins will not let the body feel hungry very soon. If you feel hungry every now and then, you end up stocking a lot of calories in your body and thus gaining body weight. Weight gain is going to fetch you health problems throughout your life. In order to avoid that, take steps today and add good sources of proteins to your diet. For example, soya, paneer, tofu, beans, meat, fish, eggs, etc. are amazing protein sources. 

Fast eating 

Since childhood, we are taught to eat food slowly and chew it properly. If you are eating your food too fast, chances are that you will gain fat very easily. And also, you are likely to contract heart disease. A weak heart increases the risk of a heart attack as well. Also, fast eaters tend to develop metabolic syndrome. This is a combination of many health issues like blood pressure, fluctuating sugar levels as well as high levels of triglycerides. Also, if you don’t chew your food properly, you are also reducing the nutrient intake in the body.

Hence, you should avoid such dinner harm which can harm your lifestyle or take a toll on your life.

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