Shimla Awaits You With These Interesting Things

The Queen of Hills – Shimla, does every ounce of justice to its name, all thanks to nature’s bounty blessing it. From the hilly and green view around, Shimla attracts a major chunk of tourists each year. Apart from tourists coming off from far locations, the localities too, can’t get rid of the beauty which Shimla offers to the eye. Apart from the natural look and the mesmerizing breeze, Shimla is home to different things, which can be a part of your to-do-list, once you get down to this beauty. Some of them are:


The Ridge or Mall Road as some call it is one of the major attractions which Shimla has to offer to its visitors. From locals selling their materials to the roadside small shops selling hot momos, a pretty cafe selling lip-smacking soup to little birds chirping around, The Ridge has everything for everyone. The view which the Ridge offers is not only very wide and airy but the sunsets at this point is beyond what words can explain. 


The Jakhoo Temple is a location at the hill-top and is another major attraction. Many people visit Shimla specifically to visit this temple. This temple is a beautiful structure and definitely, the vibes of the temple are very pure and soothing. The Jakhu Hill can also be visited for scenic beauty along with the Jakhoo Temple. The Kali Bari Temple can be visited too. 


The Christ Church is located at the Ridge. People who decide to take a walk at the Ridge, also visit Christ Church. In a very serene and tranquil setting, this stately church is an attraction to an attraction and welcomes each and every person who has a thing for churches. 


A grand British Building, the Rashtrapati Niwas is a place for the guided tourists. This is because the people living nearby also haven’t paid their visit or haven’t explored this place. Surrounded by a lush green environment, the Rashtrapati Niwas is a great location, for sure. 


The Indian Institute of Advanced Study is an epitome of sheer elegance in the form of structures. Once you visit this place, you can’t believe that it is a part of Shimla, as this too, is a little unexplored as compared to the rest in the form of public tours. 

The next time you visit Shimla, you can pen down a proper itinerary and explore the unexplored.


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