Sexual Dysfunction in Females: Symptoms & Causes

Good Sexual health is, unquestionably, an important aspect for people. However, there are some types of sexual dysfunction seen in women. Reduced sexual desire, discomfort and difficulties with having an orgasm give way to sexual dysfunction in women. Such a condition may occur at any point of time in life in females. Moreover, this issue is quite common among women.

It may be cured with the help of medical assistance or may just stay for life. It all depends accordingly. Such dysfunction may lead to depression and anxiety.

Symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

This situation can be easily self-diagnosed. Readout this section to know about the symptoms.

Disorder in orgasm: A person may find it difficult to have an orgasm even after having satisfying and sufficient sexual intercourse. Normally, a woman reaches a stage of orgasm within a reasonable amount of time during intercourse.

Reduced Desire For Copulation: If a woman is less willing towards having intercourse, this would suggest that she may be facing a dysfunction. Also, this is the most common symptom.

Pain During intercourse: If a woman confronts any kind of pain and is unable to make intercourse without any discomfort, then, it is evident that she is suffering from this dysfunction.

Arousal Disorder: The sexual desire may be as same but there are chances that she may face some issues when it comes to arousal.
So these are some of the symptoms of sexual dysfunction on women.

Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

There are numerous causes which can lead to such a situation in women. Read on to know more.

Hormonal causes: Women running on lower estrogen levels after menopause can experience such a situation. While you are going through a breast-feed phase, there are chances that your hormones fluctuate which may lead to vaginal dryness for some time. This, indeed, lessens your desire to have intercourse.

Psychological causes: A higher level of depression and anxiety which remains unmanaged can give way to sexual dullness. In fact, long-term stress is said to be bad for sexual health. The happier you are, the more sexually active you tend to be.

Physical causes: Physical or serious health ailments such as heart disease, bladder issues and many such illnesses can give way to reduced sexual desire. A large number of medications also do the same.

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