Sesame Seeds Are a Rich Source of Nutrients and Vitamins | Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Sesame seeds are also known as Til in Hindi. They come in black and white colour options. But it does not matter if it is black or white because both are beneficial and full of nutrients. Except for Vitamin A and C, all other required nutrients are available in Sesame seeds that are beneficial for a healthy body. 

The sesame seeds are small and oil-rich seeds that grow on the Sesamum Inicium plant. It is also used in various medicines for thousands of years. Below are the numerous health benefits of Til (Sesame Seeds).

Nutrition Facts of Sesame

Rich Source of Calcium: Calcium is a much-needed mineral for our body. Calcium deficiency in our body can result in weak bones. It is also suitable for the teeth. 

Excellent Source of Phosphorus: This helps in maintaining the metabolism because it helps in converting food into energy. Phosphorus is available in the right amount in Sesame, and it helps the skin to glow and also improves its colour.

Rich Source of Magnesium: It is a necessary mineral for or body. It helps in the formation of new cells. With ageing, the amount of collagen in the body starts decreasing, due to which fine lines are seen on the face, using it keeps you young and beautiful for a long time. It also keeps the muscles healthy.

Good source of Iron: Sesame seeds are a rich source of iron. It completes the deficiency of iron in the body. The lack of iron in the human body can lead to anaemia. 

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Lowers Blood Pressure: Natural oils found in sesame seeds help to reduce high blood pressure. It reduces stress on your cardiovascular system and helps prevent various heart problems. Besides, magnesium is known to decrease hypertension and sesame seeds are loaded with this essential mineral. With this, you get 25% of the daily requirement of magnesium.

Prevents Cancer: Sesame seeds are abundant in the essential vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants present in sesame seeds are known to reduce the risk of cancer. Sesame seeds also contain phytates that act as an antioxidant and reduce the effects of free radicals. The seeds are useful in reducing many forms of cancer and many other problems like heart diseases, premature ageing and cognitive dysfunction.

Helps in Lowering Diabetes: Elements present in sesame seeds, including magnesium, are known to reduce diabetes. It improves the efficiency of the drug and regulates the levels of insulin and glucose in the body, which helps in normalizing the symptoms of diabetes.

Good For Bones: Sesame seeds contain essential minerals. It is a rich source of zinc, calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are very good for the health of your body bones. These minerals help build new bones, strengthen and repair bones.

Good For Digestion: Sesame seeds are rich in fiber, and it is an essential element to keep digestion healthy, as it helps the intestines perform their functions. It can reduce problems such as constipation, as well as reduce the risks of diarrhoea and gastrointestinal diseases and cancer. Fiber helps to flush out dangerous LDL cholesterol from the arteries and blood vessels, decreasing the chance of atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke etc.

Reduce Inflammation: The high amount of copper present in sesame seeds is known to reduce inflammation in joints, bones and muscles, thereby reducing the pain caused by arthritis. In addition, copper is an essential mineral for strengthening blood vessels, bones, and joints. 

Good For Heart Health: Sesame seed oil prevents the arteries from hardening and is therefore beneficial for heart health. Sesame seeds contain monounsaturated fatty acids and oleic acids, which help reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol in the body. This reduces the risk of stroke.

Reduce Cholesterol Levels: Black sesame seeds are beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels. These contain two substances called sesamin and sesamolin, which are a group of fibers called lignans. Cholesterol is reduced by the effect of lignans as they are rich in dietary fiber. Sesame seeds have the highest phytosterols which are beneficial in lowering cholesterol levels.

Beneficial For Skin: Sesame seed oil can give you glowing skin. It maintains the flexibility of the skin by keeping the skin soft. It helps to tighten the facial skin, especially the area around the nose and blocks pores from growing. It controls facial pimples. It neutralizes toxins that develop on the skin and in the pores.

Good For Stress Relieving: Sesame seeds contain many nutrients that have stress-relieving properties. Minerals such as magnesium and calcium present in it act as an antispasmodic, regulating muscle function.

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