Samantha Ruth Prabhu Got Cheated: Details Inside

Samantha Ruth Prabhu Cheated Details Inside

Renowned South Indian actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu has a global fan following who eagerly await updates about her life. In October 2022, Samantha surprised her fans by revealing that she was suffering from an autoimmune disorder called Myositis. Since then, she has been primarily focused on her treatment. Despite her health challenges, Samantha has continued to deliver powerhouse performances in several films.

Samantha Takes a One-Year Break

Recently, Samantha’s manager made an announcement that the actress would be taking a one-year break. During this time, Samantha has been sharing vacation pictures, providing glimpses of her much-needed leisure time. However, amidst her holiday posts, news has emerged that Samantha has encountered a significant setback.

Manager’s Betrayal Hits Samantha’s Finances

According to recent media reports, Samantha faced a financial blow during the promotional tour of her upcoming film ‘Kushi’ in Hyderabad, and her manager is allegedly responsible for it. It is reported that due to her manager’s actions, Samantha has incurred a loss of INR 1 crore.

Financial Troubles During Treatment

Previously, when Samantha had traveled to the United States for treatment, her manager had mishandled her finances, leading to a heated argument between them. It is now believed that Samantha is actively seeking a new and trustworthy manager during her ongoing treatment.

Search for a Trustworthy Manager

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is currently in search of a new and reliable manager to handle her affairs, even as she continues to battle her health issues. It is noteworthy that Samantha has been open about her struggle with Myositis, sharing her journey with her fans on social media. Her admirers have been concerned and supportive throughout her health journey.

Last Year’s Revelation About Her Illness

On October 29th of the previous year, Samantha had disclosed her illness on her Instagram page, sharing a photo from the hospital. Alongside the picture, she had posted a detailed note explaining her condition and the challenges she was facing. Since then, her devoted fans have been deeply concerned about her well-being.

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