Risks & Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol

It’s no secret that alcohol, in general, is harmful to your overall well being. People are saying this since time immemorial, and doctors always advise against it. Although some might say that alcohol in moderation can be beneficial for health, there’s a lack of research-based conclusive data that can back this claim up.

And even if there’s any truth in this claim, alcohol’s potent addictive properties drastically reduce one’s ability to keep alcohol consumption within a certain limit, and hence it’s best to avoid the same entirely. Today we are going to discuss the risk factors alcohol comes with and its side effects for the human body. So, wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Risks & Side Effects of Drinking Alcohol

Pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer: Regular and frequent alcohol intake can adversely affect the whole digestive system in multiple ways. Firstly, it affects the usual mechanism of digestive enzyme production in the pancreas and results in the enzyme build-up gradually over time.

Unless treated early, this condition can lead to a fatal disease, known as, pancreatitis. It’s a non-reversible condition and often causes pancreatic cancer.

Fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer: The liver is a crucial organ that helps in fat metabolism and gets rid of toxic elements from our body. Alcohol contains a lot of toxic substances, therefore regular drinking of the same can take a toll on the liver, and can interfere with its normal working procedure.

Prolonged usage of alcohol could increase the risk factor of fatty liver and inflammation, which could eventually lead to life-threatening conditions like cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Type 2 diabetes: Long term alcohol consumption is linked to type 2 diabetes due to its destructive effect on a very critical organ, pancreas. The pancreas is solely responsible for insulin regulation in our body, hence if it gets impaired – one runs the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Damage of nervous system: From the very first sip of alcohol, it attacks the central nervous system of your body. Think of the obvious signs of a drunk person – slurred speech, impaired motor skills, decreased coordination among the various body parts, inability to think critically and make logical decisions, memory function problem, and change of overall personality – everything signal that our nervous system isn’t working in its optimum state.

And as long as you keep taking alcohol on a regular basis, your nervous system starts getting damaged permanently and irreversibly.

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