Remove China Apps Removed From Google Play Store, Here’s the Reason Behind It

Remove China Apps on Google Play Store became popular among the users in a short time. The app identifies the Chinese Apps on the phone and helps to remove them from the phone in just one click. But now, Google Play has removed the app from the Play Store. But why the app is removed from the Play Store? Is there any problem or anything else?

Why Remove China Apps Removed From Google Play?

As per the Google Deceptive Behaviour rules, an app available on Google play can not encourage users to remove third-party apps. And this was the only reason why the app was removed from the Play Store. If you now search on the Google Play Store, you will not find the app there.

In Just a Week, Two Apps Removed From Google Play Store

In just a week, Google Play Store removed two high-profile apps. The first one was the Mitron App and the second one was the Remove China Apps. Mitron App was removed because it was violating the store policies. The app was the Indian version of Tik-Tok.

Remove China Apps, How It Works

Well, this app encourages the users to remove the Chines apps from the phone. Once it scan the whole phone and finds out all the Chinese app on the phone. And in one click you can remove all these apps from the phone.

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