Problems Harming Women Physical Intimacy (Female Sexual Difficulties)

Physical Intimacy between two individuals is important for a healthy and happy relationship. But there tends to be a decline due to numerous reasons. This is known as female sexual dysfunction, the other name being female sexual difficulties (FSD). Some of them can be menopause within women leading to hormonal changes, the experience of various constantly changing emotions, physical pain and various other reasons. Some of them are discussed below:


Unable to feel the need to have intercourse is what low sexual desire relates to. This is one of the common complaints which prevails among women. Constantly emerging issues like the development of stress on a regular basis as well as exhaustion can lead to a low sexual desire among women. Additionally, health problems like diabetes and hormonal imbalance too can create the need to have a low feeling in order to make love. 


Sexual response is related to vaginal lubrication that is whether a woman’s body is ready for intercourse or not. If there is a lack of sexual response from the woman’s side, it means that it is very little or no blood flows towards the clitoris and the flesh surrounding it. Due to this, women experience a dead feeling inside even during intercourse.   


It is not very uncommon for a female to have never experienced an orgasm during sex. Orgasmic disorders As per the studies which have been conducted, it is known that every 1 out of 3 women finds it difficult to reach the point of orgasm while having sexual intercourse. Both medical and gynaecological problems like cancer can result in orgasmic disorder. Due to this, many women tend to opt for antidepressants.  


Experiencing pain while during or after sex is known as Dyspareunia. Pain also might result in a feeling of uneasiness and unpleasantness. Additionally, women also shy away from discussing the same with their doctor. While in some cases, women tend to avoid indulging in intercourse, wholly.

Consulting a doctor can be helpful in such cases. However, sometimes, some kind of issues might be temporary and they can be sorted with the help of different kinds of alternates.   


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