PM Modi to Launch 5G Telecom Services Tomorrow in India

5G services i.e the fifth generation telecom services will soon be a reality in India. The government of India on Friday officially confirmed that PM Modi will launch the 5G services in India on Saturday. The launch of the 5G services will be held in the national capital i.e New Delhi on 1st October 2022.

5G Launch in India Tomorrow

The government also said that with the launch of the 5G services the mobile users can expericne thet seamless coverage, high data rate and high reliable communications. Apart from this, it will also increase the network efficiency, spectrum efficiency and the energy efficiency.

Apart from the mega launch of 5G services, Modi will also inaugurate the sixth edition of the Indian Mobile Congress (IMC). The IMC 2022 is scheduled to be held from October 1- October 4 with the theme of “New digital Universe” which will bring together thinkers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and government officials to discuss and showcase unique opportunities emerging from the rapid adoption and spread of digital technology,” the PMO statement said.

However, the ministry of communications in a separate statement said the 5G can unleash new economic opportunities and societal benefits giving it the potential for being a transformational force for Indian society. “It will help the country leapfrog the traditional barriers to development, spur innovations by startups and business enterprises as well as advance the ‘Digital India’ vision,” it said.

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