Planning To Quit Smoking? It’s A Good Decision, Go Ahead

Do you Smoke? 
Yes, I Do.
Have you ever thought of quitting smoking ?
Yes Several Times
Then Why are you still smoking?
Because I want to quit but not able to quit this habit. 

These are the common lines that we all have heard from anyone (If you are a smoker :), then you must have said these lince once or more). And there is no shame to admit this thing. We all (who regularly smokes) want to quit this habit. And for this purpose we even tried. But still we are smoking. Do leave a comment in the comments section below if you ever search on Google “How to Quit Smoking Or Ways to Quit smoking”. 

If you are planning to quit smoking, then I must tell you a thing or advise you that Go ahead. It’s a good decision. Don’t step back. If you step back, then you always have to step back. Don’t make fake promises to yourself that from tomorrow you will not smoke or this is the last time I am smoking. These are just the fake promises and if you are the one making these promises then believe me you will never going to quit smoking. I am saying this because I was also the one who always say these lines every morning to myself. Now I am following 21/90 rule and I am in the second phase of it i.e 90 days.

I don’t even know whether it will really works for me or not but till now it is completely fine. How I came to know about this thing? This is also an interesting one. One day I was just searching on youtube and find a movie starring Allu Arjun. I don’t remember the name of the movie but it was a good one. In that movie, I heard about the rule 21/90. There was a saying in the movie it takes 21 days to build a habit and 90 days to build a lifestyle”. But seriously I am telling you this thing that it took one year to start following that rule. And now I hope that I will complete the 90 days too. 

Even knowing that smoking always lead to death, Why we smoke? Nobody knows the correct answer. Some people say “It gives us pleasure” “It removes stress”. There are several other reasons people mention when they are asked Why they smoke. But no reason is perfect. They actually don’t know why they are doing this thing. People are using tobacco either in the form of cigarette or in the form of other tobacco products. When nicotine enters the body it activates the nicotine receptors in the brain. Addiction to tobacco can happen very easily and quickly but to leave this addiction it takes a lot of time. 

And this addiction sometimes takes the life because smoking is the cause of Lung Cancer. So in the end only one thing to say, If you are planning to quit smoking, it is a good decision, not only for you but also for your family. And I also suggest to try the 21/90 rule. Maybe this will work for you too. 

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