Planning To Buy A Water Purifier? 5 Criteria You Must Know

With the current water pollution, the water purifier is an indispensable household device for every family. However, it is not easy to choose a good water purifier that is suitable for each family. Refer to the information below to easily choose to buy a water purifier!

What is a good water purifier?

A good water purifier must be one that has to filter out impurities in the input water and let the filtered water drink directly without boiling. That is, the actual water quality of the water purifier must be tested & certified to meet the standards of the purification & authorities.

Criteria when buying water purifiers

1. Buy a water purifier with purification technology

RO technology

RO technology ( Reverse Osmosis ) is a water purification technology using the principle of reverse osmosis. This technology uses an ultra-thin filter with extremely small filter holes (0.1-0.5 nanometers). These filter holes work only for water molecules, capable of removing 99.99% of impurities, microorganisms, chemicals as well as heavy metals in water.

Bring out the output water completely pure and safe. Impurities, microorganisms, or chemicals … will be taken out through the sewage line. Therefore, all machines using RO technology have wastewater.


Nano water filters are water filters that apply Nanotechnology with very small pore size filters. To be able to remove pollutants in water such as dirt, viruses, bacteria, … toxic chemicals such as alum, limestone, and other heavy metals, … Without the use of electricity and there is no wastewater.

However, because it works according to the osmotic mechanism, all bacterial impurities will be trapped on the membrane surface. This is the reason why the nano water purifiers are only considered to be suitable for the treated input water that meets the drinking water purity standards of the Ministry of Health. If used with other water sources, it is very fast clogging and must be replaced frequently.

The nano water purifier is the perfect choice for your home

Electrolyte technology

Electrolyte technology is a technology that purifies ionized water thanks to the electrolysis process, which removes all necessary chemical metals with pH levels as well as beneficial minerals for the body.

However, electrolyte water purifiers are not capable of filtering viral chemicals, bacteria, heavy metal ions. So the machine is only suitable for clean water sources and has the function of creating mineral ions, neutralizing the pH of the water, which is beneficial to use.

Hollow fiber filter technology

Hollow-fiber membrane technology is the technology that uses micro-perforated tubular fibers. Water before filtration will flow through the wall of the tube through millions of small holes with sizes ranging from 0.01 to 0.1 micrometers.

Specifically, these filter fibers with a fine fiber structure. The inside is treated with unique technology by rotating heating at high temperatures and stretching to fibers without using solvents. Then, fine fiber with a hollow core is formed. Thanks to this unique feature that can ensure the safety of drinking water. Creates clean water to ensure potable immediately after being filtered.

2. Buy water purifiers according to the inlet quality

This is the most essential criterion when choosing a home water purifier. With each different characteristic of the water source, there will be each suitable water purifier. Because there is no one type of water purifier suitable for all water sources.

Accordingly, for natural water sources. Such as river water, rainwater, well water (or hard water), … You should choose RO water purifier products.

As for tap water that is relatively clean, you can use other more advanced technologies. Such as nanotechnology, electrolyte technology, or hollow fiber membrane technology, …

However, to know the best quality of the water that our family is using. You should test water at the measurement centers. To be able to choose to buy the water purifier that best suits the water input that the family is using.

3. Demand and size of the filter


With each type of water, the purifier will have a different capacity for operation. However, most of the water purifiers on the market today have an average filter capacity of 10-20 liters/hour. This capacity level is very suitable for use in families of 5-10 people.

And if your family has more people. Or the need to use water in addition to eating and drinking, also for bathing for children. Then you can choose to buy larger capacity machines (from 30-80 liters/hour). It is also possible to invest in total filtration systems to optimize the water that the household is using.

Also if you are a single person, or a small family (2-3 members). You might consider the mini water purifier line. Despite its simple construction, the water filter is equipped with a powerful filter cartridge. Domestic agents can be eliminated as well as other water purifiers on the market.


.If the family kitchen has only a good humble space, families should choose a water purifier with a compact design, easy to install. Nano water filter products can be selected. Because the advantages of these models are only filters, no storage tank, no electricity. So you can comfortably install it in many locations. Like in kitchen cabinets, wall mounted…. Therefore, a compact mini water purifier is a great choice.

If the family has a more spacious kitchen, other water purifiers can be considered. Direct hot and cold water purifiers, for example, are also a good choice. Because it can bring a lot of convenience to your family.

4. Buy water purifiers according to economic conditions

Cost is also an issue that most people are very concerned with, so to save money you should choose to buy one that has good energy and water savings.

Normally, RO and nanomachines on the market have a fairly stable price (from 4-7 million VND). Suitable for the budget as well as the income level of the majority of families. For electrolyte water purifiers, the cost is relatively high, from a few tens to hundreds of million dong. Depending on your family economy, you should choose the right product.

Especially avoid the type m bad about cheap water filters. L oi filter unknown origin, floating on the market, to ensure water quality for the whole family.

5. Customer care service

Like any other household item, a water purifier can also create problems during use. Therefore, a good brand with a customer service center has a prompt consulting call center. At the same time, there is a fast and reliable troubleshooting service. Will help you a lot more peace of mind during use.

With the current open market mechanism, a lot of counterfeit water purifiers are widely consumed and sold. Many profit-seeking units have set prices on counterfeit, fake, poor quality water filters … to deceive consumers. These products borrow the reputations of big brands to install low-quality, floating accessories. Therefore, you need to be a discerning buyer. To choose genuine and reputable suppliers in the market.

Sunil Trivedi

Sunil Trivedi is the Managing Director of Aqua Drink. With 15 years of experience in the water purification industry, Sunil and his team have been ensuring that his clients consume 100% potable water to lead a healthy life and keeping water-borne diseases miles away.

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