Period Cramps Sometimes Hurt So Bad, Here Are Some Home Remedies For Period Pain

Prostaglandin is caused by pain in the lower part of the abdomen and back during menstrual periods. It is a type of hormone that originates near the urinary tract (uterus). The same hormone is also active during delivery. During the days of the periods, there is a loss of blood. Due to this loss of blood, pain in muscles begins. There are many useful tips in Ayurveda to get relief from this period pains.

The period days of the month are quite difficult for women. Stomach aches, stiffness, and fatigue persist. In such a situation, most women resort to painkillers to relieve pain, but due to their use for a long time, side effects can also be seen.

It is not yet found out why some of the women experience painful menstruation, and some don’t. But some of the factors include the intense pain of period. Some of the factors that can also be seen along with the intense periods include: heavy blood flow, having the first child, if you are under 20 years, starting of the first period and sensitivity to prostaglandins. Many other factors are also responsible for severe pain at the time of periods.


GINGER & PEPPER TEA: Drinking dried ginger and black pepper tea will also help in reducing period pain. Apart from reducing pain, it will also make a difference in the irregularity of periods.

CUMIN SEEDS: Jeera or Cumin seeds are beneficial in relieving pain in those days of period pain. You can also drink the Jeera Tea or Jeera water in those days of periods. Jeera or Cumin is also responsible for relieving the stiffness of cells.

MASSAGE WITH SESAME OIL: Massaging the lower abdomen with sesame oil can relieve the pain of periods. It is full of linoleic acid, anti-inflammatory elements, and antioxidant elements, which can relieve those days of pain. It is an effective remedy for pain due to periods.

CAROM SEEDS: Another remedy to reduce the period pain in Carom Seed (Ajwain). Drink Ajwain water is very effective in reducing the period pain. To make carom seeds water, add one spoon of carom seeds in water and boil it. After it cools down, drink it.

WATER & GHEE: Ghee is also a very important and useful remedy that can be used to get relief from period pain. During periods if you are feeling more pain then add one spoon of Ghee in lukewarm water and then drink it. It will give instant relief.

TULSI: Tulsi can also help in reducing period pain. In a small glass of water add 8-10 leaves of Tulsi. Boil the water and keep it boiling till the water remain half. Now add one spoon of honey in it. Drink it thrice a day.

CINNAMON: Cinnamon is a natural painkiller. Mix one spoon of cinnamon powder with honey and then consume it. It will help in getting relief from the period pain.

PAPAYA: In fruits, Papaya is very helpful in getting relief from the period’s pain. Papaya has anti-inflammatory properties that help in getting relief from pain. Papain a proteolytic enzyme present in papaya also helps in the blood flow control.

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