Over 100 cows died in Meghalaya & Several Infected With Lumpy Skin Disease

lumpy skin disease

According to an official statement on Sunday, more than 100 cows in Meghalaya have succumbed to the highly contagious lumpy skin disease (LSD), while over 8,000 animals have been infected so far. The veterinary health department officials reported that a total of 28,500 cows have been vaccinated against the disease as a preventive measure.

“The records of the department indicate that 8,177 cows have been infected with lumpy skin disease (LSD), out of which 5,884 have successfully recovered, and unfortunately, 101 animals have died,” shared a senior official from the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Department with news agency PTI. Additionally, more than 2,100 cows are currently at various stages of LSD infection.

Regarding the situation of African swine fever (ASF) in pigs, the veterinary department official stated that the disease is currently “contained.” Since January 2023, the ASF has caused the death of over 230 pigs across the state. The most recent report of ASF-related pig death was recorded on June 2 in Ri-Bhoi district. Following the outbreak, the consumption of beef and pork has decreased throughout the state.

Lumpy skin disease is a viral infection that primarily affects cattle. It spreads through blood-feeding insects like specific species of flies, mosquitoes, or ticks. The disease is characterized by the appearance of nodules on the skin and causes fever. In severe cases, it can lead to the death of the infected cattle. It is important to note that lumpy skin disease does not transmit to human beings.

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