Niantic Missed a Golden Opportunity For Evolved Pokémon in Pokémon Go’s Evolving Stars Event

The first important Pokémon Go event of October, the second month of the ongoing Season of Light in the mobile game, started this week. The occasion, called Evolving Stars, honours a number of other Pokémon’s second forms, including Kakuna, Poliwhirl, Haunter, and Pidgeotto, in addition to the debut of Cosmog’s second form, Cosmoem. Players have observed Niantic lost a huge chance to provide the community more shinies by not allowing many of these Pokémon to appear in their shining state as the festival continues throughout the weekend.

Many secondary forms do not exist in their glossy form in the wild. Even though the base forms of these Pokémon have a chance to show up as shiny versions in the wild, these Pokémon include Magneton, Rhydon, Piloswine, Seadra, Haunter, Kadabra, Poliwhirl, Pidgeotto, and Kakuna.

The Pokémon Go community paid attention during the event, and it appears that players have a good chance of collecting more shiny versions. However, Niantic has previously discussed its position on shiny versions for the past few months. When gamers noticed a decline of shiny Pokémon at these events, Michael Steranka, the Pokémon Go game director, spoke about shiny odds during Pokémon Go Fest 2022.

In summary, Steranka said that while players assess the value of Pokémon Go events based on the shiny Pokémon they capture, events that feature an excessive number of shiny Pokémon may later lose their appeal to players. Steranka admitted that the team had listened to player input and had taken it into consideration for upcoming events, but that this might apply just to Pokémon Go Fests and not to regular weekly events.

Players like discovering these gleaming Pokémon in the wild, despite the fact that the Evolving Stars event is short. These players may have found it fascinating to have them appear in their secondary forms when they could have already done so in base form, especially since they actively participated in the event’s tasks and the Collection challenges.

The debut of Cosmog, the most recent legendary Pokémon, will be celebrated at events after Evolving Stars. There will be a final event that takes place just before the Season of Light ends, and it will probably provide players the chance to choose between Cosmog’s ultimate forms, Solgaleo and Lunala. We anticipate more shiny Pokémon possibilities for users to catch, such as the upcoming Litwick Community Day on October 15, as this won’t occur until the end of November.

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