Need for Speed Unbound (NFS Unbound) Coming This December

You’ll understand if we assumed we wouldn’t get that eagerly anticipated new Need for Speed game this year with the nights already drawing in and the uninvited scent of Pumpkin Spice permeating the air. Surprise, Need for Speed Unbound is coming—on December 2, 2022, to be exact—and it’s coming soon. However, there is still plenty of time to prepare by rewatching the first four Fast and Furious films.

The distinctive new aesthetic flourishes that accompany the action are the first thing you’ll notice from these screenshots. Tyre smoke appears to have been hand-drawn, and a car thrown into the air would appear to have sprouted hurriedly scrawled wings. These elements were inspired by street art and comic books. We’re into it, for what it’s worth, though it will split the audience like a hot samurai blade through butter. The only aspect of the film that we don’t particularly enjoy is the character models, which are rather basic and somewhat like they walked out of one of those safety videos for aeroplanes warning you to take off your high heels before jumping on the inflatable slide.

What we are here for, without a doubt, is the game’s Frankenstein’s monster Mercedes 190E driven by real-life rapper A$AP Rocky. We anticipate wasting hours choosing the ideal smiling face aerial topper because it is obvious that the customization choices have been updated to meet the larger-than-life design.

The action presumably begins following the theft of a precious car from a nearby auto shop and takes place in a new city called Lakeshore, which appears to be a fictionalised version of Chicago. You will be competing to win The Grand, a street racing championship, using the heat system from Need for Speed Heat, in which you gambled by gaining infamy with the police.

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