Mouth Ulcers, Know Its Causes & Home Remedies For It

If there are ulcers in the mouth, neither there is taste nor comfort in eating and drinking. Everything seems tasteless If these mouth ulcers are not treated at the right time and properly, then the situation can become even more painful. Most of the time it occurs in summer. In the case of ulcers, the taste of the mouth disappears and a strange tingling is felt all the time. Not only children but adults can also have blisters in the mouth.

Reasons Why Mouth Ulcers Occurs

– Mouth Ulcers are sometimes due to lack of essential nutrients in the body, sometimes it can be due to an injury during dental treatment.
– Eating false food can also cause a mouth ulcer.
– If the inner surface of the cheek is accidentally cut and cause a wound, then it can also cause mouth ulcer.
– Not keeping the cleanliness of the mouth also causes ulcers in mouth.

Symptoms of Ulcer in Mouth

Pain Inside Mouth – The most prominent symptom of mouth ulcers is a pain in the inner parts of the mouth. Along with the pain on this part, it may turn red.

Mouth pain while brushing or eating – In the case of mouth ulcers, a person also has trouble in doing the tasks of daily life.

Pain While Eating salty, sour, or spicy food – If a person has pain in the mouth while eating some salty, sour, or spicy food, it may be due to ulcers in the mouth.

Loss of appetite – In some of the cases loss of appetite also causes ulcers in the mouth.

Fever – Frequent fever can also be a symptom of ulcers.

Home Remedies To Treat Mouth Ulcers

Coconut oil
Coconut oil also helps a lot in treating mouth ulcers. It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that not only remove the irritation and pain of the blisters, it can also help in healing them. For this, apply coconut oil on the mouth blisters daily.

Garlic has been considered useful in treating mouth ulcers. For this, take two to three buds of garlic and make a paste. Apply this paste on the blister. Rinse with cold water after a while. The blister will heal quickly.

Baking soda
Baking soda can also be used to cure mouth ulcers. It not only reduces pain but also helps to cure ulcers by reducing the level of ulcer acids. For this, make a paste by mixing a few drops of water in baking soda and apply it on the blisters. Leave this for some time and then rinse.

Ice and tea bags
Applying ice on mouth blisters provides great benefit. For this, keep a piece of ice in the mouth or rub it for some time. Apart from this, tea bags also provide relief in mouth ulcers.


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