Mandana Karimi Quits Bollywood After Sajid Khan Joins Bigg Boss 16

Social media users have expressed their disapproval over Sajid Khan’s presence in Bigg Boss 16. Sajid Khan did not have a lot of work after being accused of sexual harassment by numerous actresses and a journalist during the #MeToo movement in 2018. Additionally, the Indian Film & Television Directors’ Association suspended him for a year in 2018. The filmmaker has attracted notice once more as a result of his involvement in the Salman Khan-hosted competition programme Bigg Boss 16. Due to Sajid Khan’s involvement in Bigg Boss 16, Mandana Karimi, a Lock Upp participant who accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment, has announced her intention to leave the film profession.

Payal Rohatgi has defended Sajid Khan and criticised Mandana Karimi for leaving the film industry. The filmmaker has the right to atone and make money, according to Payal.

Mandana Karimi Quits Bollywood After Sajid Khan Joins Bigg Boss 16

Payal shared a note on her Instagram Stories, “Sajid Khan has done wrong with 6 women as they narrated publicly. He has been reprimanded by all and publicly humiliated for his actions. Now the 6 women can take him to court.” The note further read, “But let me put it on record when even murderers have been given the right to reform by the values of Mahatma Gandhi then here even Sajid Khan has the right to live. He has the right to earn money. He has the right to repent. Let him fight for his right. You oppose him but don’t do the drama of quitting Bollywood.”

Additionally, Payal refuted Mandana’s claim that she still owes money to the creators of her prior reality show. Payal claimed that she herself experienced no such problems when working on the same project. Payal claims that Mandana left the programme, hence there must be a provision allowing for money releases when detainees leave the show. The actress revealed that she received her entire payment within 10 days of the show’s conclusion.

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