Male Sexual Dysfunction: Reasons & How It Affects The Sexual Life

Sexual health holds an important place in the overall life of an individual. Irrespective of a person’s age, status or orientation, sexual health is known to be a contributor to the quality of life. There are some kinds of issues that can be addressed with the help of a doctor but some need pretty much awareness and information, too. Sexual Dysfunction in Men is one such problem that not men not only deal with but also needs to be talked about and highlighted. 

To break the ice in simple words, the problem of having sexual dysfunction in men means the presence of an inability to have a sexual relationship that satisfies individual needs. However, one cannot justify or relatively define what a satisfying sexual relationship refers to. It can be physical or psychological in nature, hence, it needs to be addressed and taken seriously, for sure. 


  1. Erectile Dysfunction – In this, the male partner gets through difficulty in getting or keeping an erection. 
  2. Premature Ejaculation – In this, the male partner is known to reach the stage of orgasm sooner than expected or very quickly. 
  3. Sexual Dysfunction in males also leads to reduced interest during sexual intercourse. 
  4. Also, it can be the other way round, in which, the male partner reaches to the stage of orgasm very slowly or does not reach that point at all. 

There can be many reasons due to which the sexual dysfunction in males can be increased like smoking, a disorder in the blood vessels, stroke or nerve damage as well as some others like psychological causes. Concerns related to sexual performance, stress, and anxiety developed due to workplace scenarios, depression, the guilt-like feeling can be some examples. What may ever be the issue, any and every kind of issue, doubt or problem related to sexual intercourse needs to be discussed with your doctor immediately,

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