Major takeaways from India Vs West Indies T20 series

There is no doubt that the rivalry between India vs West Indies have always been a treat to watch. Right from the 2016 T20 World Cup where West Indies threw India out of the Semis to 2019 series, both teams have come a long way. Even the online betting industry is enjoying the rivalry where they are constantly betting on their favorite players. If you are too interested in online betting, you can visit and bet on your best-loved teams.

Coming right down towards the India vs West Indies T20 series, it has been the toughest T20 series for India so far Indeed, the West Indies team played to their fullest potential where the Indian team gave a tough fight too. 

Hence, in this article, you will know the major takeaways from the India vs West Indies T20 Series. Come along as we unwrap the best takeaways, one by one.

Major Takeaways from India vs West Indies T20 Series

1. India Heavily relies on the Top Order

There is no sort of doubt that the Indian team is heavily reliant on the top order. With the likes of KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma and then Virat Kohli, the top three have contributed some significant runs for the Indian cricket team

Speaking about the series against West Indies, Virat Kohli fired in two of his games where he has bagged the most number of run-getter in the entire series. Well, the Indian Skipper seems to be improving his game where he is inching towards the top 10 landmarks of T20 ranking. 

On the other hand, Rohit Sharma has been the star of the Indian batting lineup. He has performed exceptionally well for India in all three formats and is still on improvement curve. In the last T20 series against West Indies, Rohit Scored 71 runs and made his mark in the T20 cricket. 

Lastly, KL Rahul has looked in good form in the T20 series against West Indies. In the final T20 against West Indies, he scored 91 runs off just 56 balls. This shows the potential the young lad has in terms of batting potential. 

However, there have been cases when the top order fails, middle-order batsman has failed to deliver the punch.

2. India’s Fielding requires good Improvement

Although the Indian team won the series against West Indies by 2-1, the fielding standards of India have gone pretty down. Speaking about the first two games against West Indies, Indian fielders dropped plenty of the catches. 

Well, because of Kohl’s brilliance, the fielding of India made some mark which led them to win the 1st T20 against West Indies. 

However, every other player aside Kohli and Jadeja seems to be lacking in the fielding department. Even Washington Sundar dropped plenty of catches and Rohit Sharma missed certain chances too. 

Therefore, fielding is a department where the Indian team will have to closely take into observation. 

This will be the role of the fielding coach to take things into consideration and improve India’s fielding to some brilliant extents.

3. Pressure on Pant grows even Further

Despite Kohli and the Indian team are supporting Rishabh Pant, he is failing in every possible match. For the 3rd T20 match against West Indies, the team management moved Rishabh Pant ahead of Kohli. Still, the young lad failed to impress and went out for a golden duck. 

For the entire series, Pant scored 18, 33 and 0 in his three T20 International series. Altogether, with Sanju Samson waiting for his chances to play for India, it will be a treat to see for how long Rishabh Pant will take to express his potential at the mega event. 

Summing Things Up

The India vs West Indies T20 series was a real eye-opener for the Indian cricket team. Without a doubt, the Indian team heavily relies on their top order which is the thing they got to take into consideration. 

Secondly, the Indian fielding has to be improved if they want to win the T20 World Cup in 2020. 

Last but not least, it’s high time that Rishabh Pant understands his responsibility and plays well for himself and the Indian cricket team. 

If the Indian team can fix these issues, they have a strong chance to win the T20 World Cup in Australia. 

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