John Wick 4, The Best In The Franchise So Far

In the upcoming John Wick 4 film, Laurence Fishburne, who will return as the enigmatic Bowery King, says he thinks it’s the best entry in the series so far. The main character of the John Wick films, played by Keanu Reeves, is a former professional assassin who goes back to his line of work in order to exact revenge for the death of his dog. The neo-noir thriller series follows Wick as his vengeance’s cascading consequences play out.

The action-packed John Wick films are renowned for their mastery of a variety of weapons, including firearms, knives, swords, and more. Wick is also renowned for his prowess in several martial arts. Audiences have been immensely captivated by the sequels’ expansion of the franchise’s storyline and ongoing attempt to outdo the previous movie in terms of action sequences. Following this trend, John Wick 4 will introduce a number of fresh faces to the franchise, including Bill Skarsgrd, Clancy Brown, Shamier Anderson, and Hiroyuki Sanada.

John Wick 4 Is The Best One Yet

Fishburne recently referred to John Wick 4 as the best instalment of the franchise thus far in an interview with Variety. He claims that he only needed to read the screenplay to realise that, highlighting the set pieces and characters that move the series in a different path. Of course, the fact that his own character was able to survive death also helped:

Number four is gonna be … honestly, when I read it I was like, this is the best one … it just was. From the way that it opens, there are like 3 or 4 really incredible set pieces that are just like, woah. There are new characters, one, in particular, that’s so much fun. Well, actually three are crazy fun, and yeah, you know, I got to be in it again. I come back from the dead.

John Wick has grown into an intriguing series recognised for its amazing martial arts performances and incredibly realistic approach to violence thanks to compelling action choreography. This is largely due to the dedication of the filmmakers to the stunt work, which was aided by having career stuntman Chad Stahelski serve as director. It will be difficult for John Wick 4 to top the first three entries in the franchise, as each film in the series has gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews from both reviewers and fans. But as Fishburne points out, it appears like John Wick 4 will include a lot of fresh elements, both in terms of fight scenes and characters, which should result in a bigger and better film.

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