Indians Should Not Take Corona Lightly: Government

Minister of State for Home Affairs Kishan Reddy said that the coronavirus epidemic is spreading among the family members of those who have returned from abroad, so they should follow the instructions of the government. People need to take this epidemic seriously because even though the resources are rich, developed countries like America and Italy have failed to stop it from spreading. “So far most of the people who have returned from abroad have been found infected with the coronavirus,” Reddy said in a press conference on Tuesday. Now, this disease is spreading among their family. So we need to be careful.

People should not take the disease lightly and violate other restrictions including social distance. Reddy said, so far, 15.24 lakh people have been screened at various airports. Out of these, 69,436 people have been advised to stay in isolation in the house (quarantine). These people are being monitored.

Reddy said cases have increased rapidly in developed countries like the US and Italy. In Italy, whereas of February 23, 1000 patients were found, which has increased to 63,928. Similarly, cases have increased from 4000 to 41 thousand in one month in America.

Developed countries have less population, better health facilities, but they too are not able to stop it. At the same time, India has the second-highest population of the world. So we cannot ignore it.

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