To Increase Immunity, Ayush Kwath (Immunity Boosting Kadha) Will be Available in Sachet

The wait for Ayush Kwath, which is running in the headlines regarding Coronavirus, is over now. This immunity booster has been introduced for the first time in the smallest form i.e in a sachet, so that people of all sections can use it easily. To increase immunity, Ayush decoction has been described by Ayurvedic doctors and also by the Ministry of AYUSH.


Emil Pharmaceutical Company got it ready after getting instructions from the Ministry of AYUSH. Ayush Kwath (Immunity Boosting Kadha) is a mixture of four different ayurvedic herbs that helps in increasing the immunity of the body. It is a mixture of Cinnamon (दालचीनी), Tulsi, Black Pepper (काली मिर्च), and Sonth. On the other hand, for the scientific study on Aayush Kwath, the Central Government has given the responsibility to Banaras Hindu University.

According to AYUSH experts, AYUSH KWATH enhances immunity which can prevent any kind of infection. Even if a person is infected, immunity becomes more powerful and fights against the virus and starts making the virus inactive.


Increases Immune Response
Increases Antioxidant Defense
Helps Kill Invading Micro-Organism
Increases Adaptability
Helps in Cold, Cough, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.



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