HP Govt. to Help Shepherds to Reach the Mountains | Here’s How

The Himachal Pradesh Government is helping the shepherds by allowing them to move freely. As the whole country is dealing with the lockdown because of the COVID 19 pandemic, the shepherds can now move. The Himachal Pradesh Government has allowed the shepherds to move to the high-altitude patches along with their goats and sheep.

HP Govt. Allow Shepherd Movement | Know Details

The CoronaVirus pandemic has initiated a nationwide lockdown. Since March, the country is under strict rules imposed during the lockdown. Lockdown is helping to stop the spread of the virus on a large scale and save lives.

Although, reportedly, the shepherds are running late. To make up, they are moving day and night. The empty roads and minimal traffic are helping them to make up for the lost time. They are also avoiding the accident fear as well as verbal abuse with this. They’ll be staying for a period of 5 months as said.

Empty Roads Help to avoid Abuse | Free Shepherd Movement

The lockdown is nothing less than a blessing in disguise for the shepherds. Now, movement is on as the Himachal Pradesh Government has given a green signal and the shepherds can move up in the mountains at higher altitudes.

With a lot of traffic and busy roads, the shepherds have experience of verbal abuse and fight with the people on the road. In the past, they are a part of the victims of road rage but now, their journey is peaceful and scolding free. The shepherds seem to be happy as now, their flock does not cause traffic jams which results in fights with the common people and police officials, both.


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