How & Where To Play Flappy Bird Game Online

Are you a Flappy Bird game fan? Looking to play Flappy Bird game online and score maximum? If yes, then in this article you will know the name of websites where you can play the Flappy Bird game online. Read this article till the end and know where and how to play Flappy Bird online.

About Flappy Bird Game 

Flappy Bird is an arcade-style game in which the player controls the bird Faby, which moves persistently to the right. The player is tasked with navigating Faby through pairs of pipes that have equally sized gaps placed at random heights.

Only when the player taps the touchscreen does Faby instantly ascend. The player receives one point for each successful pass through a pair of pipes. The game ends when you hit a pipe or the ground. The player receives a bronze medal if they reach ten or more points, a silver medal at twenty points, a gold medal at thirty points, and a platinum medal at forty points on the game over screen.

On May 24, 2013, Flappy Bird was first made available, and it worked with the iPhone 5. In September 2013, the game was subsequently upgraded for iOS 7. Despite its initial failure, the game had a huge increase in players after being reviewed by Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie. It was hailed as “the new Angry Birds” after it topped the Free Apps chart in the US and Chinese App Stores in January 2014 and the same area in the UK App Store later that month. It was the App Store’s most popular app at the end of January. On January 30, 2014, the Google Play store received the release of the Android version of Flappy Bird.

How To Play Flappy Bird Online

Tap the arrow to start. Tap the screen again to allow your bird to fly and to start the game. Stay in the middle of screen until the first set of pipes appears. Measure your tap heights to go between the two pipes. It’s simple.

Flappy Bird Game Online Websites

If you search on the Internet for websites to play Flappy Bird online then there are several websites. All these websites provides users to play the game online on a PC or Laptop. On Android, there are several games like Flappy Bird that give almost the same interface. Below are some of the websites where you can play the Flappy Bird Game Online.

Websites For Flappy Game Online

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