How To Check Airtel Broadband Data Balance On Phone

Well, nowadays there are only a few broadband plans that come with the capped data. We know it sounds weird. But this is true. Most of the telecom operators that are providing broadband services are not offering capped data but instead of this, they are offering unlimited data.

Whether it is Airtel, Jio, Connect or any other, they all are offering unlimited data usage in most of their broadband plans. The price of all broadband plans vary and so does the speed. The costliest the plan, the more the speed. In this article, we will discuss the easiest way to check the data balance available in your Airtel Fiber Broadband plan.

How to Check Data Balance In Airtel Broadband Plan

All the apps of the telecom operator who are providing broadband services offer this feature to check the data balance. Users can check the data balance directly from their mobile via the app. This is also the same with the Airtel Broadband plan. Users can check the data balance with the My Airtel app or from the Airtel Xtream Fiber app. Below are the steps to check the data balance in Airtel Broadband.

Airtel Data Balance via Airtel Xtream Fiber App
  • First of all, install the Airtel Xtream Fiber app on your phone from Google Play Store
  • Now, login with the registered mobile number
  • On the main screen of the app, click on the Data Usage menu at the bottom bar
  • Here you go. You can see the data balance. You can check the available data and total data here.
Airtel Data Balance Check via My Airtel App
  • Install My Airtel app from Google Play Store
  • Login with the registered Airtel number
  • Now head over to landline or broadband section and click on it
  • Now click on the Data Balance
  • Here you go, check the data balance here

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