How Often Should One Have Sex in Order to Make Babies?

Well, mathematics help everywhere and so does here. You need to calculate for when to have sex in order to get pregnant. There are days when you indulge yourself into having sex and still not get pregnant. Adding to this, there is a week every month in which sex definitely leads to pregnancy. We call that week ‘fertile window.’ Furthermore, there are chances for you to get pregnant during your menstrual cycle, even if you are on your period as well.

Here’s a thing that you should know. Fertility is on its peak during teenage and adolescence. There are chances you might get pregnant with just a single sexual meeting. As and when the age increases, fertility tends to decline. However, the highest chances of you getting pregnant are 3-4 days before you ovulate. It is, indeed, the best time.

Significance of Ovulation in Getting One Pregnant

Every 28-30 days, periods take place. Ovulation starts within 12-14 days in relation to the 28 days cycle. As a matter of fact, the egg can be fertilized between 14-24 hours after it comes out from the ovary. Of course, there could be more specifications and exceptions, but this particular period is the best time to start making babies. Generally, ovulation may take place as early as the 10th day and of course as delayed as the 22nd day. All of it varies from woman to woman.

No matter how many times do you have sex in a day or a month. The time you get yourself involved in intercourse is one of the most important things that matter.

About Cervical Mucus

According to the research and analysis, one of the best days for having sex to get pregnant is when you notice a thick white discharge from the vaginal area. The discharge is known as cervical mucus or fertile cervical mucus. You will notice it some days before ovulation takes place. Adding to this, it is a normal and safe thing to come across. Furthermore, it tends to enhance sperm motility.

It is however said that men who have a lower sperm count should have a sexual encounter more than two times per day. Moreover, this should happen without skipping a day. The more the sex, in this case, the more chances of getting pregnant. On the other hand, men with normal sperm count and sperm motility can have sex at least 2-3 times a week in order to get the woman pregnant. So, this how it works.

Your best bet of having a baby is based on the time you chose. Keep a regular check on your ovulation and you need not drain yourself every other day to get a baby. The period math is a thing to count on.

As per a study, quite a strong sex can also increase the chances of getting pregnant. Sperm count is also an important aspect to consider while getting a woman pregnant.

So, stay conscious and make babies as and when you want by keeping the mentioned things in mind.

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