How Bananas Can Help In Weight Loss

Those of you who wish to reduce weight or want to hop on to a healthy lifestyle are often advised to include green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. But, before blindly believing that adding fruits to your diet will help you reduce fact, be sure about this commitment. 

When it comes to a healthy and balanced diet, bananas are a very healthy option. It has a wide variety of vital nutrients for the body and also has good fiber content. But, here’s a buster for you. 

Bananas Help in Weight Loss | Fact check 

Eating bananas do not directly help in achieving your weight loss goals. But, it does not even let the body gain weight. In short, banana is a fruit which can help in reducing the chance of bloating. Eating bananas also helps control the appetite of an individual and replace the processed sugar in the body. 

As mentioned earlier, bananas are a good source from which you can attain fiber. There have been many types of research that show that there is a considerable link in between the fiber intake in the body as well as body weight. For instance., if you are on a diet of say 1000 calories every day, it is advised to consume 12.5-15 grams of the same. 

Also, consuming fiber is good as it makes your stomach feel good for a long period of time. It will further reduce the total number of calories intake in an entire day. There are different types of fibres and the time in which they are broken down and digested differs as well.  The regulation of food inside the body gets better after including a banana in your diet. Researches support this conclusion well. A 14g intake of foods rich in fiber decreases the energy intake of the body by 14 grams and your weight by an approximate of 2 kg. 

You might be thinking that is there any specific type of banana that helps regulate weight loss. You might have guessed it right. All types of bananas help regulate weight, but the nutrients and other benefits in each are different. If you opt for eating unripe green bananas, have a good quantity of resistant scratch. It does not break nicely in the small intestine and goes to the large intestine. This stimulates the good bacteria in the body and acts similarly to dietary fibers in the body. These help in reducing weight by targeting the appetite of an individual. 

Hence, don’t go blindly for the fact of eating bananas for weight loss. They’ll help you in weight loss but in an indirect way. 

Other Health Benefits of Eating Bananas 

  • The resistant starch in bananas helps in improving the insulin sensitivity in the body. 
  • Improved gut health with bananas helps in treating problems like constipation and prevents the risk of developing colon cancer. 
  • Bananas have a high potassium content that helps in the regulation of the sodium levels in the body. This reduces blood pressure problems and heart risk in the body. 
  • Consumption of bananas is also great for kidney health. 
  • Bananas are good when it comes to the magnesium content also. Magnesium is good for the production of energy, the functioning of the nervous system, and indirectly controlling diabetes. 

In all, bananas should be a part of your diet if you want to control your appetite which will help in weight reduction. 

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