Hide Folder, Images, Videos In OnePlus Smartphone Easily With This Feature

Want to hide anything in the Oneplus smartphone? How To Hide images in Oneplus phone? How to hide any video in the Oneplus smartphone so that no one can be able to look at that without your permission. Well, these are some of the common searches that we do when we want to hide any personal images, video on our Oneplus smartphone. In this article, we are going to share an easy tip with which you can safeguard your personal images, videos and other things in your Oneplus phone. The best thing about this is that no one is going to find out where they are until or unless they know the password.

We all have something like pictures or videos on our phone that we want to hide from others. For this, the OnePlus phones have brilliant feature. With this feature in the OnePlus smartphones, one can easily hide pictures, videos and other things easily. The best part is once the things are hidden, they can not be visible in the Gallery or Photos. Here in this article, we will know, how to hide folder, images and other stuff easily in OnePlus smartphones.

Hide Folder, Images, Videos In OnePlus Smartphone Easily With This Feature

So now you all must be wondering how you can hide images, folders, videos and documents in OnePlus smartphones. Here is the solution. Use Lockbox in Oneplus phones. Yes, Lockbox is the only inbuilt option or feature in the OnePlus smartphones with which you can easily hide the images, videos, and private things easily. Below are the step by step guide how you can do it.

  • First of all, go to the menu option on your phone
  • Now open the File Manager
  • Scroll down to the end
  • There you will see LOCKBOX option
  • Click on the Lock box option and then enter a pin for security.
  • After entering pin, remember the pin as it will allow you to open the lock box again when you want to see things in the lock box. It is like a safe with a security code. Without the security code you won’t be able to open it.
  • The screen will show “It’s lonely here…”
  • On the right side click on the three dots and then create a New Folder
  • Rename that folder
  • Now return back in the file manager and open the folder or images you want to hide.
  • Select images or videos and then click on the three dots available at the right corner.
  • Select Move to Lock Box. After selecting this, the item will be moved to Lockbox.

It’s easy and simple. If you have OnePlus smartphone then you can try this.

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