Here’s How Celebs React to Comments Made in The Bigg Boss House

With each new season of Bigg Boss kicking off with full style and TRP’s every year, controversies related to the same become unavoidable. And, while making comments on National Television and platforms like Bigg Boss, controversies and backlash become a true thing. 

Siddharth Shukla’s fights and spats are hitting hard since the very beginning. However, this does not withdraw the fact that he is supported on a wide scale. In one of the recent fights with Asim Riaz, Siddharth can be seen going violent again. Ironically, he has been warned initially for the same. However, apart from the fight, Asim Riaz is known to have made comments on girls by referring to them as the ‘weaker sections’. 

Kamya Punjabi Lashes on Asim Riaz

This has not only exposed his thinking for the opposite gender but has also invited a lot of backlashes. In context to the same, actress Kamya Punjabi took to Twitter to highlight the same. Apart from supporting Siddharth Shukla for the fight that happened, she challenged Asim Riaz in the same tweet. She can be seen expressing her anger over Asim’s comment on women and also challenged him to go one on one against her in a task. Asim’s intention over the same is still to be known.  

One should understand that Reality TV Shows like Bigg Boss are seen and supported by a major chunk of the population. Anything said on these National Platforms is likely to be seconded and influenced blindly on the viewers. Hence, society should be taken as a major consideration into, while making any sort of comments, whether, good or bad.       


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