Health Benefits of Cinnamon You Need To Know

Cinnamon is one such Indian spice that every Indian household makes use of. The taste buds of many people love the flavor of cinnamon. ‘Dalchini’ is the Hindi name for cinnamon and many people identify it by that only. And interestingly, there is more than just a single use of Dalchini which varies from food to alcohol, spicing up to the use in making traditional medicine.

Dalchini or cinnamon is also very good for the skin as well as the hair. Let’s unveil the health benefits of dalchini or cinnamon.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon


Dalchini helps in curing fungal infections. Basically, it is the cinnamon oil which consists of many antimicrobial properties that help. There are many studies which assist and prove the same.


There are many compounds in dalchini which help in reducing the blood pressure of the body. This is a long term thing which can be paired with aerobic training However, you should always keep your doctor updated with all this.

There are studies that show that the consumption of dalchini is also good for the sugar levels in the body. They tend to reduce with cassia cinnamon. Your doctor should know about these home remedies for sure.


The health benefits of dalchini are vibrant and diverse in nature. You can seek help in maintaining the fat levels in your body with the help of dalchini. You can also reverse the digestion issues, diabetes etc. There are people who are suffering from the loss of appetite. They can also think of consuming dalchini and look for better results.

In all, the health benefits of dalchini are many. This is because of the various nutrients, vitamins as well as antioxidants that are present in it. They are good for the body in some case or the other for sure.

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