Harrison Ford May Be Joining Marvel as Thunderbolt Ross

After taking up the role of Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones 5, which is scheduled for release in June 2023, Harrison Ford was thought to be retiring from major motion pictures. The Hot Mic Podcast, however, has confirmed that Harrison Ford is officially making the switch to Marvel, where he will play Thunderbolt Ross and appear in Thunderbolts. William Hurt had previously played Thunderbolt Ross, but after Hurt’s untimely death in March, Ford was given the opportunity to step in.

Harrison Ford has always been associated with Marvel, so it’s wonderful that he’s finally going to make the switch as he has a famous acting reputation in popular culture. Ford is well known for playing Han Solo in Star Wars, has played Indiana Jones for many years, and will now officially be a part of the MCU. Ford is the ideal option to replace William Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross, despite the fact that many people will likely be disappointed in the change.

Harrison Ford May Be Joining Marvel as Thunderbolt Ross

Thunderbolt Ross served as the de facto head of the Thunderbolts in the comic version of the team, despite the fact that the team is not named for him. This could imply that Ford would eventually make an appearance in another Marvel film, despite the fact that he was not shown in the original Thunderbolt revelation. The possibility that Harrison Ford would join Marvel and take on the role of the Red Hulk is another fascinating component of this revelation.

Thunderbolt Ross has always sought out the Hulk in the comics, as was also seen in The Incredible Hulk from 2008, but to further battle his foe, Ross assumes the shape of the Red Hulk. Although it would make sense for that to happen given the development of the Hulk’s story up to this point, we are not stating that Harrison Ford joining Marvel indicates that he will take on the role of the Red Hulk.

We do know that Bruce Banner’s Hulk vanished on a Sakarran starship at the start of the series, and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been developing the stories of both Hulks. This caused many people to think that the World War Hulk storyline was about to begin. Harrison Ford joining Marvel as Thunderbolt Ross and then transforming into the Red Hulk might help set up that plot and lead to the Red Hulk and Hulk’s final showdown.


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