Google Pay Extended the Diwali Offer For Few More Days to Collect Rangoli & Flower Stamp #BinaRangoliWaliDiwali

Google Pay which is in news from the last couple of weeks for its Google Pay Diwali Offer has now extended the offer further. All those users who are looking for the most wanted Rangoli and Flower stamp will not get a chance to search or look out for them for a few more days. Now there are chances that everyone will get these two stamps. But still it is doubt whether all the people will get the stamps or not. 

Google Pay Rangoli Stamp Still A Mystery

Well everyone has collected 4 stamps out of the 5 stamps. But there is one stamp which remains a mystery. That stamp is the Rangoli Stamp. Although some users have collected the Rangoli stamp on Google pay but there are millions of users who are still looking for the Rangoli stamp in Google Pay. 

But now as the Google Pay has extended the date of contest to 11th November, now you can try once again to collect the most wanted Rangoli stamp. Almost all the users are searching for the Rangoli stamp. The five stamps in the GPay Diwali Offer are – Diya, Lantern, Flower, Jhumka and Rangoli.

Among all mentioned stamps in Google Pay Diya, Jhumka and Lantern are easy to collect. Flower stamp is somehow difficult to collect but the most difficult stamp to collect is the Rangoli stamp. This stamp has made all the Google Pay users beggars.

When the Google pay started the offer it started a hashtag #StampWaliDiwali but now it seems like #BinaRangoliWaliDiwali hashtag is correct for this.

If you are the one who is looking for the Flower or Rangoli Stamp, then you can try the method via Paytm. In this method you will have to enter money to Paytm wallet via Bhim UPI > Google Pay. This method works for almost and most of the users get the flower stamp with this method.

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