Google Pay 2020 Stamps Offer Arrived on The App: Here’s How You Can Earn Upto Rs 2020 By Collecting All Stamps

Do You Remember the Google Pay Diwali Offer? Yes, Ofcourse because in that offer many users won cashback and many users remain without the Google Pay Rangoli Stamp. And now the same offer is once again launched by Google Pay. And this time the offer is to celebrate the upcoming year i.e the Year 2020. The offer is the same as the Diwali Offer but this time users will have to collect more stamps. Here are the details regarding the Google Pay 2020 Stamps and its offers.


In this new offer of Google Pay, users will have to collect 7 total stamps. The stamps are Ballon, DJ, Sunglasses, Toffee, Selfie, Pizza and Disco Stamps. What is Google Pay 2020 Offer? This is the question that needs to answered. Under this offer, users will collect all the stamps to get cashback or a bonus reward. But in this offer, there are three layers of the birthday cake. And users will have to complete those layers.

On completing the first layer users will be eligible for a bonus reward. After completing all the layers users will get a chance to get Rs 202 to Rs 2020. But this will only happen if a user will collect all the Google Pay 2020 Offer Stamps i.e the Ballon, DJ, Sunglasses, Toffee, Selfie, Pizza and Disco Stamps.


TOFFEE STAMP ON GOOGLE PAY: One can collect this toffee stamp on Google by paying a bill of at least 300. As per the app, users will earn assured Toffee stamp by doing this.

PIZZA STAMP: When you invite your friend or a new user on Google pay and they make their first payment on the app, then you will get the Pizza Stamp.

DJ STAMP: This stamp under the Google Pay 2020 Offer can be availed by making a recharge of mobile with Rs 98 or more. As per the app “Spend at least 98 on a mobile recharge to earn an assured DJ Stamp”

BALLON AND OTHER STAMPS: Balloon stamp is an easy stamp to collect. By any transaction, you can get the balloon stamp on Google Pay. Other stamps are not an easy task to collect but still, you can collect that.


The balloon stamp on the Google Pay 2020 offer is the easiest stamp to collect. While on the other side the top layer Disco stamp is the toughest task. Other stamps can be collected by performing various tasks.

GET GOOGLE PAY SUNGLASSES STAMP: You can get the Sunglasses stamp easily of you listen to the on-Air ads. For this, you can head over to the Youtube and type the Google Pay Ads. Play that adds and listen to that by clicking on the Listen to On-Air Ads.

USING SCANNER: If you see a text written 2020 then you can also scan the same to get a chance to win a stamp. This is also an easy task. But like the Google Pay Diwali Offer, there are not 5 chances here. Users will only get 2 chances to scan.

GIFT OR RECEIVE: This is also the same as the Diwali Offer of Google Pay. In this users can request or gift stamp to their friends to complete a layer in the cake.

Stay Tuned for more updates regarding the GOOGLE PAY 2020 OFFER. We will update this when we got any update regarding How to Collect Other rare stamps on Google Pay in the new year offer.

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